Tyreke Evans’ girlfriend Angel Brinks


  1. Daniel

    Tyreke Even is single like a dollar bill! And is not claiming this woman Angel Brinks at all! This woman Angel is way older then Tyreke! And way to old to know better to use protection with a young athlete like Tyreke 21yrs young at that time while she was in her 30s… Trapping a man with a baby and waiting around while he is done smashing all the pu$$I in the world is not a good look Angel. You are just getting older and older! Move on and stop claiming yourself and looking delusional! Tyreke don’t claim you at all!!! Lol

  2. Tanya

    Sounds like you’re jealous of Angel to me. She is a beautiful young lady and has her own career. You will never know what real love is until you experience it. Angel, you are a strong woman and I support you and I’m also one of your biggest fans.

  3. Mrs

    You sound stupid Daniel, just as stupid as Tyreke. He has the power to put on the condom so please with the nonsense. Men always want to claim to be trapped or that a woman has trapped someone else just because he has money…you own where you shoot it!

  4. Adrianne

    Lol they aren’t together , me AN all my girlfriends fuck tyreke he be smashing pussies from left AN right like no tomorrow lol. They got a cute girl tho

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