Ryan Anderson’s girlfriend Gia Allemand


  1. The Hawk

    Before that, she dated Carl Pavano of the Yankees. After, of course, he signed a $38 million dollar contract. I guess she got her name from “Gee, uh, are you rich?”

  2. Gussie

    Gia, who I didn’t know personally, I assume could play one-way serial monogamy with hundreds of millionaires who choose to date, seldom marry, semi-celebrity women noted primarily for their physical beautify & accommodating personalities (a must to meet the male’s “me first” needs and chaotic lifestyles). Had she been my friend I would like to have seen her date men ten to fifteen years older, once divorced, with a healthy first family composed of adult children & happily remarried first wives. Gia, as many young women like her could have used mature friends — mentors to relationship stability – not fame and fortune.
    Depression is often thought of as anger turned inward – used by people too sensitive and too vulnerable. Gia appears (I didn’t know her) to be one of these — more compassionate and loving of others than of herself.

  3. Jon

    Such a shame. She is beautiful but Demons are so powerful it is hard to explain to someone who has never had or had a friend with mental health issues. Gone far too soon and at her own hands makes it even harder to accept. A true beauty on the outside. RIP!

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