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UPDATE 08-14-2013: Ryan Anderson's girlfriend Gia Allemand has died as a result of a suicide attempt on Monday. She was hospitalized in New Orleans after hanging herself and died today of "critical loss of brain and organ function". There are reports that Gia Allemand was distraught over her relationship with Ryan Anderson.

Let's not kid ourselves, Ryan Anderson is living the life these days. After a huge year for the Orlando Magic Ryan signed a massive deal with the New Orleans Hornets/Pelicans. As incredible as that deal was, even considering all the zeros at the end of the paycheck, it pales in comparison to Ryan Anderson's girlfriend Gia Allemand.

Back in February of 2011 Gia Allemand was on a photo shot in the Bahamas when she was introduced to Ryan. As I mentioned these days Ryan is a household name in the NBA, and was really the only bright spot to the side show train wreck that was the 2011-12 Orlando Magic. Before that season however Ryan was just another struggling NBA player trying to find his spot. Gia however was a household name for quite a few reasons. In 2007 she posed as a swimsuit model in Maxim and was plastered over the walls of college and high school boys across the country. Gia hit the big time when she was one of the ladies "competing" over Jake Pavelka on The Bachelor. Gia almost found the man of her dreams but was the second to last lady to exit the show. Gia was not done with the reality show circuit as she was a contestant on The Bachelor spin-off Bachelor Pad. Can't say I caught any episodes of Bachelor Pad but I'm sure I have a good idea what I missed.

Now back to Ryan and Gia, shortly after meeting, Gia was offered a job that would have her traveling constantly to and from the Bahamas. To make travel easier, she moved to Orlando so she and Ryan could continue their relationship while having quick access to a domestic airport with easy international/Bahamian travel options. To the best of our knowledge the relationship is still going strong even with Ryan moving to New Orleans.

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3 Responses to “Ryan Anderson's girlfriend Gia Allemand”

  1. The Hawk

    Before that, she dated Carl Pavano of the Yankees. After, of course, he signed a $38 million dollar contract. I guess she got her name from "Gee, uh, are you rich?"

  2. Gussie

    Gia, who I didn't know personally, I assume could play one-way serial monogamy with hundreds of millionaires who choose to date, seldom marry, semi-celebrity women noted primarily for their physical beautify & accommodating personalities (a must to meet the male's "me first" needs and chaotic lifestyles). Had she been my friend I would like to have seen her date men ten to fifteen years older, once divorced, with a healthy first family composed of adult children & happily remarried first wives. Gia, as many young women like her could have used mature friends -- mentors to relationship stability - not fame and fortune.
    Depression is often thought of as anger turned inward - used by people too sensitive and too vulnerable. Gia appears (I didn't know her) to be one of these -- more compassionate and loving of others than of herself.

  3. Jon

    Such a shame. She is beautiful but Demons are so powerful it is hard to explain to someone who has never had or had a friend with mental health issues. Gone far too soon and at her own hands makes it even harder to accept. A true beauty on the outside. RIP!

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