Jrue Holiday’s wife Lauren Holiday


  1. MIchael

    Lauren you can do so much better please do not get married to him!, I will loose a lot a respect for you.

  2. Mr. Big

    She’s pretty hot with a nice lil’ rack on her! Definitely needs to upgrade from current boyfriend though…

  3. george

    To Michael and Mr. Big…why does she need an “upgrade from current bf” or “loose[sic] all respect for her” if she marries Jrue Holliday? Last time I checked, he plays in the NBA on a multimillion contract, is also famous, and seems very supportive of her. So what could be the reason for your dislike of their relationship? Oh wait…I just figured it out…never mind…

  4. Terrence

    Man stop hating on Jrue, he’s a great kid and these two have been together since college. Don’t be jealous.

  5. DK

    Lauren Cheney’s too good for that guy she is dating. She is a pretty girl, he is one ugly s.o.b. He looks like a retarded troll. I guess love is blind as they say!

  6. Lover Boy

    The bum’s name is Jrue? God have mercy! I hope this is a phase. I truly believe Lauren will dump this beast. Can you imagine how mangled up the kids will look like if they ever end up having one?

  7. thinds

    My god, the racism in this post is staggering…. Jrue Holliday is a successful young player in the NBA with a bright future. No criminal record, no on or off court issues. I’m honestly blown away by some of the shit written on this post…

  8. Arab Male

    Racism is thrown around too easily by blacks & others in America to blame others for their own failures. America is in decline. Hispanics & blacks will be the majority soon. What Al Quaeda couldn’t do, America is doing to itself. Your country has no family values. This pretty girl (I must admit) married this ugly man because he makes money playing basketball? If her parents & friends oppose, they are racists? What happened to culture & tradition? Our children are taught never to ashame their family and parents. That value is gone in America & you want to spread your lack of values to other parts of the world?

  9. Casanova

    Sounds harsh but I have to agree with Arab Male. The USA is in decline. You are called a racist if you like traditional values which made America such a great nation. America will soon become a 3rd world nation. I think it’s too late now!

  10. Dee

    What difference does it make if he’s black or white? My God, I thought that kind of thinking was long behind us…….

  11. Kagney

    It’ racist to suggest that she can upgrade simply because of this young mans race, arab male while u talking that garbage america is a melting pot thats why u’re here. Other racist comments saying she’s only with him for the money there’s white guys with money she could of chose, calling the man a beast, questioning what their kids would look like, grow up.

  12. james

    jrue and lauren do your thing. the rest of u idiots need to wake up. there is no such thing as white america anymore. deal with it.

  13. Cindy

    I thought you were both great at the wedding this past summer. My son William loved you both and wished you had more private time there (so he didn’t bother you for an autograph),but he has been a fan of both of you for a while. He still wears his black tennis shoes with his nice pants. He was,also, happy that Jrue was able to where his comfortable ones. We wish both of you all the Best. Maybe see you at the next Wedding on the east side of the U.S.. Best Wishes always!

  14. gwilk

    Ignorant racist pigs!! I may not like either Jrue Holiday or his girlfriend but I’d keep that to myself. All this talk I hear about race in this country getting better is a joke. Just as bad as its ever been.

  15. smitty

    I don’t think that they married for money and I don’t think they should worry about the idiotic comments made on this website. Some people will never wake up and smell the roses because they are too busy with their heads in their rear ends making commenting about the appearance of others or deciding who people should or should not marry. Just seems a bit ignorant to me.

  16. Mr. Football

    Too bad. Another hot chick falls for an unattractive wank. Upgrade definitely. He’s mediocre in all aspects. And by the way morons, it’s Drew NOT Jrue. Dumb wanks.

  17. JC42

    Y’all are crazy. Jrue is a good natured Christian dude who is an all-star in the NBA and he ain’t bad looking either. So hop off his case And might I add, Lauren is a pretty girl.

  18. cisco

    Arab male? more like pathetic white male troll. Lauren married who she wants not who society told her to marry. Go cry somewhere else.

  19. BJ

    I’ve met both of them thru a mutual friend. They are extremely nice, down to earth folks! BOTH are very attractive folks! All that matters is that THEY love, respect each other! Haters….get a life and if you want to criticize someone, look in the mirror.

  20. janis

    HE could do so much better by marrying his OWN kind instead of the white man’s trash hoe! But niggas never learn, soon after the kid is born shes gonna tire of him and take his dumb coon ass to the cleaners just like the rest of them do. Cant wait to see that in the headlines!!

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