Austin Rivers’ girlfriend Brittany Hotard


  1. Austin Rivers Girlfriend: Pics of Brittany Hotard | SPORTS HITS

    […] PlayerWives has this to say in a report dated June 24th.  Like any true basketball player Austin was dating a few classes up with Brittany, as she was a senior when Austin was a sophmore. Now this is where the story slowly gets confusing. Birttany graduated high school and attend Wallace Community College to stay close to Austin. At Wallace CC she was on the cheerleading squad. Our audience first learned about Brittany when she appeared next to Austin at a Duke basketball game while he was being recruited… and unfortunately, this is where our info drys up. I can’t find anything that says the couple is still dating.  […]

  2. Mary

    I did not know that Austin had a ex-girlfriend interesting, Austin is a cutest even handsome guy in the world,but he is too young for me sorry. I am a Deaf female 47 yrs old,but I love to see Austin to play former Duke,but I felt bad that he left from Duke, to go NBA to play for New Orleans Hornet,but I was born and grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I am not fan for Hornet sorry.!!! I wish he plays for San Antonio Spurs or Mavericks or Wizards smile.

  3. bhotard

    **correction: austin has a Twitter-I meant he doesnt have a facebook lol. hence why i never comment on these things. sorry for the confusion!

  4. Carly

    If you look on his instagram at austinjrivers he posts of pic of her and him and her all the time….im pretty sure there still dating…

  5. backcourtbomber

    give it a year in his rookie season and Austin will be bangin’ hoes behind this chick’s back. life dating an NBA player is never easy for girls ;)

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