Wayne Ellington’s girlfriend Amanda Altschuler


  1. Hank

    I am not usually a big fan of really big melons but those look like a nice pair to watch her prancing around in sexy clothes or without.

  2. katie

    i think she’s a sweetheart .. people who type negative comments are just jealous .. i am glad for them and i totally love the dress

  3. victoria

    all I know is that I’m so jealous of amanda getting chopped down by his BBC..lol..I wish I’m amanda and get that black tomahawk each night…

  4. Veronica

    Black people don’t spread there wealth with in there race that’s one of the reasons we as a people are so poor. We give it right back to the white folks. Black me marrying these white chicks making her and there family rich. How do these niggas look at themselves in the mirror at the end of the day and see what they stand for. Yes, that’s what Im going to call them niggers cause they have a slave nigger mentality about white is right.

  5. Truth

    That’s right. But mostly becuz the Black women do NOT preform the Oral. The brothas love the Oral. Not a problem for these White women. Its all about the Oral. They have nothing else in common. Every brotha will tell you that’s why he’s with a White woman. If you don’t or didn’t know that then your stupid or never asked or never have been told the TRUTH!

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