Jason Kidd’s wife Porschla Coleman


  1. trish

    Here he is starting a new family, he forgets he has 3 other kids that were here first. Its nothing his new wife can do to change or keep a man. Oh u can try having triplets, but he has a son n (twins) daughters. Nothing good will happen to Jason Kidd if he continues to live this negatively. You see he had a kid n then married the want to be nba wife. It was a blessing Joumana is done with him. The kids r the ones hurting. Good luck porshia, you will have 3 kids n he will move on….


    STFU u dumbazz feminsts

    jason kid is a cool guy his dumbazz feminist ex wife set him up.

    kiddd definitely got an upgrade, this new girl is much more prettier.


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