Chris Bosh’s ex girlfriend Allison Mathis


  1. bug, june

    What am i supposed to be seeing? and what does it have to do with this?

    you need to stop with the childish guessing games and just come out with what you have to say.

    waste of time.

  2. QueenB

    Allison Mathis is a grown woman of 30 trying to take chris to the cleaners. Chris has always taken are of his responsibilities. Not to mention he’s a great guy! Anyways he’s dating someone new now and she’s much prettier & classier. Good for him for moving on and not letting a hood rat bring him down.

  3. Smooches

    Why is allison even on here anyways. She hasn’t been his girlfriend in almost 2 years. She is hideous. Thank god he found someone way better. Shes a real looker too. Looking forward to seeing her pic on her soon

  4. DC

    You silly little girl, grow up and get your own life. You and your foolish mother are losers. God will deal with your kind He have place for you. Lies and deceit are all you know and have learn from your gold digging momma. Raise your child and grow up you stupid little girl.

  5. starr

    wow..look at that hairline in the 1st pic..yikes..and bosh is lucky he has money cuz his dinosaur lookin ass wouldn’t be able to pull these chicks!

  6. Kris

    No one knows the story and for you idiots to be calling her out is hilarious, like you’ll ever have him. Too funny. If he did try to remove her from their home while she was pregnant then he’s in the wrong not her, and he def needs to support his child. If he was worried about gold digging then he should have worn a condom, so who’s the stupid one here.

  7. Lisa

    Allison has and always will be nothing more than a groupie chick that popped out a seed. He kicked her out of HIS house because he found out about all of he lies (using fertility drugs behind his back, never going to medical school, never having a job, lying about being a chef) and he never even lived in that house with her. He didn’t even know who the chick was anymore and so she ran all over trying to play a victim! But true colors always come to the surface thats why shes trying to do basketball wives now, the show for broke/bitter/angry ex’s and jump off’s

  8. anonymous

    I know her from high school in Bethesda, MD. She was an evil ho then, and she’s an evil ho now. Karma is a bitch!


    chris bosh should sue her she is so dumb she don’t have no life so she is using his be real and leave him alone…. but chris i dont like your team miami heat or u or yo neck but that doesn’t matter i dont won’t nobody to talk about u but me i can give u hope thats all peace out love ya!!!!!

  10. amd

    People please grow up and stop putting her down!!! Regardless of what she may or may not have done there is a child involved and he needs to be a Father and take care of his child!!! Even if she did wrong by him to have a child does not give him the right to not do what he needs to do in taking care of his responsiblities!!!! Regardeless he slept with her without protection and now a child is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. A realist

    OMG u all are on here taking up for this ATHLETE like he ya play cuzn. Y does every woman that deals with a famous person jus have to b out for money. And yall women please. U r the most ignorant women i have ever seen to be on here bashing this woman…BLACK woman should really make u feel low. This is y men talk about us the way they do cuz of dumb bitches like yall that make them think its ok to say what they want about us. Black or white we as women shouldn talk about one another and especially when we dont know what in the hell is going on with these ppl and their personal lives hell we should have enuff on our plates to deal with our own lives. Now how many of yall got payd for taking up for BOSH……jus what i thought CRICKETS!!!! Non of yall groupies

  12. Kenn Neyland

    Hi Allison,
    Not sure if you’re still on this website but hope that you and Chris have come to a mutual understanding about your daughter.

    This note is to introduce you to an project that I’ve just started working on. It’s a movie project entitled THE GIANT. I’m looking for a coordinator in the Toronto area to help me develop the project and take it to the money people. The project promotes the city of Toronto, the mayor’s office and the NBA Raptors. The project is a couple years old and I of course had Chris and other Raptors in the movie. I was coming to you first because if your are not doing anything, you might like to help me get the project rolling in some way, if nothing else you might introduce me to the Raptors wives club (if there is one) to see if any of them would like to get involved. I mean, you can do just so much shopping right?…

    If you are interested would be glad to send you more info on the project.
    Best regards,
    Kenn Neyland, creator of THE GIANT, a dozen other film project, several books
    and forty songs…

  13. sanaa

    @ Smooches what the f!!! is wrong with you Allison is beautiful,you hater,that new gold digging whinch he had the nerve to marry is hideous with her big forehead pale looking,big hips she needs some sun on her pasty body, on top of that she slept with Lil Wayne, and hoodwinked him out of money, any man that would want her after Weezie has ran all up in that,is disgusting,I hope he got a aids test. But no he could care less about her character,thats why I say they deserve each other,

  14. mm

    Chris Bosch is a jerk and his wife is a whore. If he didn’t have money she would not have looked at him twice.Ballplayers get a clue. These women are all after your fame not YOU. Take a look in the mirror and wise up.Do you really think they would be with you if not for your money. Please if you really believe that you are very crazy. It’s pretty said of all the sell out brothers we have.

  15. mm

    Let me clarify. I consider Chris a jerk if he isn’t taking care of his child but for not other reason.

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