Chris Bosh’s wife Adrienne Williams Bosh


  1. Lue

    She should beware…he can do to you what he did to his last girlfriend. He brought her a house, spent money to start a family with her and decided when she was 7 months pregnant that he wanted out. Now he refuses to pay adequate child support. This isn’t a man this is a boy…Money doesn’t make you a man, it makes you a kid with no scrupples. where the hell are his parents. Its their grandchild he’s disregarding.

  2. Cornell

    I read some of these comments and can’t believe that someone called Chris Bosh a sell out. There is know color in love. The heart wants what it wants. Now if he is not paying child support, then he should be paying.

  3. stupid ballers

    That why the ediots end up broke. Leave those women alone . To the new wife”what goes around comes around” you are married to a boy not a real man ……

  4. Veronica

    These black men have such a low self-a-steam sad. They don’t care if there getting used for money and fame, as long as they got that white skin (European) features they beyond happy.

  5. pkelly

    It so sad that black so called black ballers dont see the beauty in educated black women, but they will marry a white woman if she has nothing…sad………

  6. ghowl

    I’m black, have a black wife & am proud not to mention lucky to have her! With that said i’m ashamed/alarmed to see most of what I have read in the responses hear. Yes there are a lot of intelligent black women and dumb white ones as there are dumb black ones and smart white ones! Point im trying to make like suggested above, they seem happy and most of these responses left on here, I don’t sense much of that. maybe that’s why he tried the other route, cause of the ignorance perpetuated in statements such as these! Good luck Chris and Adienne, F these haters!

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