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Chris "Birdman" Andersen's girlfriend Tina Wiseman



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Chris “Birdman” Andersen may have hit rock bottom after his last nasty break-up, but he sure is back on top now. And Chris Andersen’s girlfriend Tina Wiseman (now his fiancé actually) has everything to do with it.

The Miami Heat power forward/center came from rough beginnings. After his mom took off and his dad started traveling all over the world to sell his art, Chris Anderson was forced to choose between military school and a children’s home. He chose the children’s home and, from these humble beginnings, made it all the way to the NBA. Unfortunately Chris Andersen eventually got hit all at once with troubles once again and he got heavily involved with drugs. Chris Andersen not only lost his home in hurricane Katrina, his fiancé at the time Bandy Newman ended their engagement. But after a two-year ban from the NBA beginning in 2006, Chris Anderson made a solid comeback in 2008 and in 2013 was picked up by the Heat. Now he’s in his second year of playoffs with the Heat.

Birdman built his life back up and has an amazing fiancé to prove it. He first appeared for the press with Tina Wiseman about a year ago in June of 2013. The couple was photographed together at the Hard Rock Café in Hollywood, Florida. Tina Wiseman is apparently a model, and when photos of the couple hit the internet, fans went nutty.

In addition, Tina Wiseman seems to be really good for her 6 foot 10 tattooed man. She was there for him last June when Chris Andersen signed his one-year $1.7 million dollar NBA contract. Apparently Tine Wiseman expressed her happiness about the deal via Twitter. And the couple is also quite charitable together. In March of 2013, they were guests at a charitable event for Lauren’s Kids, an organization aimed at preventing childhood sexual abuse and helping survivors heal.

If the Heat do win the championship again this year, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more of Tina Wiseman on the internet.

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  1. Brent Bevans

    Chris is one of my favourite players in the NBA and have the most inspirational comeback story. I pray for you both to be strong and powerful in the mind,love and spirit and always build up! Stay strong and get stronger. Heat nation is glad to have you back Chris and take care of that beautiful woman and marry her. U both look great together. Go to vegas and suprise each other and say i do. Beso beso... Champions!

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