03/19/15 (Updated)

Marko Jaric's Wife Adriana Lima

In 2013, PlayerWives.com undertook the unenviable task of cleaning up every single post on our website. We've been attacking posts to provide updates, rewrites, and some major modifications to our formatting in the hopes that we can bring you a brand new PlayerWives.com in the coming months.

One of the hardest tasks is taking the shortest posts we have up there and providing more information - to better serve you, the reader which better serves us. This is one of the first posts we ever wrote more than four years ago when we posted Marko Jaric's wife Adriana Lima.

The entire post consisted of the following:

Best Feature: Just about everything.

You know what? We weren't wrong. I mean, what else is there to say? The odd looking Euro with the crazy close-together eyes Marko Jaric is married to Adriana freaking Lima? You win, universe. We got nothin else.

We had the whole story locked down on April 4, 2009, and 4 years, 18 days later, we have absolutely nothing else to add.

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14 Responses to “Marko Jaric's Wife Adriana Lima”

  1. ST

    Wow!!! She is dating who? Gives me much hope :)

  2. Ed

    Lucky fella!!

  3. hot2death

    this chick is so dam cutre

  4. Robert

    Adriana doesn't do anything for me. The baddest Victoria Secret model now is Selita Ebanks.

  5. Robert

    She looks more like that 2nd pic in real life when I see her on tv and non magazine ads.


    if that dude is pullin girls like that then ima have the finest girl in the world lol.

  7. Rhonda

    Adriana is my favorite Vicki Secret model. She is gorgeous.

  8. Chris

    Damn they make wives that hot?

  9. Leann

    Really, she is a VS angel....she is like a twenty

  10. John

    Keep this in mind: Adriana is deeply religious and said she would remain a Virgin until marriage. This means Marko is the ONLY guy to have sex with her. Double lucky guy to be the only one to tap this!

  11. Anonymous


  12. lacyunderalls

    Anything less than "10" and you are on crystal meth.

  13. Jon

    You can now make that: Ex-Wife. Announced today they are getting a divorce. Now maybe she will smart up and go out with me

  14. WhiteMeat

    Very beautiful indeed!....