Gilbert Arenas’ fiance Laura Govan


  1. Chris Myles

    Run Gilbert Run! Be a good father to your kids but distance yourself from that woman as much and fast as possible. If the stories are true, it will only get worse. You are a professional bball player with many good years left. Shaq was a very good player in his day but, his days are numbered. Would you really want to think of Superman plowing yours?

  2. Amanda Govan

    Gilbert, in all honesty you should be there for your kids & be that father that they need in their lives. Their still young & need u more than any dollar in the world! Drama is very much unneccesary and it would be good to avoid it as much as possible…stay focused on ur game & trust that god sees and knows all.

  3. kw

    Come on Diesel ? Don’t care about the details but this is sordid.
    Gilbert let it go and move on. It’s affecting your life………

  4. tiff

    So is this the chick that’s Matt Barnes fiance’s sister that’s being accused of having an affair with Shaq?

  5. Checkurself

    Gilbert needs to be there for his kids, but leave her a**! Make sure the kids are yours! She will be sleeping with Matt Barnes next. Wonder how Gloria will take that!



  7. Carmen

    These NBA players get so caugth up in this game these woman who dont care about them just there pockets, yet if you weather the storm with a man the benifits are much more loving this laura and shaq stuff is horrible, both have no class shauie and gilbert live your life because you will find honset and trustworthy real love maybe both of you should go on a date. KARMA IS A BITCH.

  8. smartypence

    These sisters are UGLY. How the hell are they so damn popular w/these ball players??? The only thing I can come up with is that the two could both suck tennis balls through garden hoses…

    Happy ‘Baby-Moma’s Day’ hahahaha

    Suckers, we women should be smarter than this…

  9. mojo

    all u kunts that answer dont know any answers! leave him, take her what the hell
    get a real life.suck balls stuped anwers.instead of given the guys advice stuped
    bitches dont have good advice dont give any!
    and for ulgy have you got brothers or sisters what do they look like?

  10. sequoia

    You have more value than your money. Don’t be dumb and let someone use you. She’s beautiful and maybe you really love her but she hasn’t been upstanding. There should be a limit to how much you’re willing to endure and to put up with. No one is perfect but don’t be sucker. You could find someone to really love you but not if you let her hold you captive. I wish you the best & I hope you find all that you’re looking for! :-)

  11. Britt

    Gloria n her sister Laura r some ugly fake ass NYC groupies…trash, Laura is fugly n Gloria looks like a tpical Bitch from e Bronx….yur tired n remember shaunie is still yur boss….fake ass bitches

  12. Angela

    I viewed the show and all I can say is wow…. these women need Jesus… they must be broke…. to go to the extreme and share with the world your business… I just cant believe that these mothers get on tv and ask so ghetto and unlady like… come on ladies get it together… you ladies have no class… Find Jesus and He will provide all your needs and you wont have to worry about an NBA player… Be Blessed

  13. Natalia

    Its most likely that Arenas isnt abandoning His kids, as for that ghetto, gold diggin dirty hoe bag is another question.. Good for him to not want her to utter his name.. Cause I imagine her sayin anythin bout him is to make herself feel better an forget that she’s such a low dirty disgusting gruppie.. Atleast gruppies acknowledge what they are, n they dnt pretend they something they not..

  14. BonitaFran

    It’s hard for me to believe that Shaq would do that to Shaunie. It’s like he had Prime at home an messed with a hamburger, WTF. Laura is not even close to Shaunie’s level of integrity or BEAUTY. Laura’s a FAT PIG with lipstick on, she even looks like a skank.

  15. Jenay

    What a mess! The real basketball wives such as LaLa Anthony, Khloe Kardashian are much more classy than these drama queens on BWLA. Why does the public love to see women hating on each other?

  16. A_Love:-)

    Call me crazy and even a tad bit late on these replies,, but it’s extremely funny how everybody is talking dirt bad about Gloria and Laura and what their lives consist of but your watchin the shit….they dont give two fucks about any of you guys on here and the fact that half you mo-fo’s just talk shit about Laura Bullying ,, WTF do you think 5 of you responders just did to her w/o even knowing it CYBER BULLYING…uggh learn something while your on a computer AIR HEADS…I seriously hate when ppl talk shit off what they read and hear…ANNNYWHHOOOOOOOOO…..what Gilbert and Laura have is THEIR business!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys have no idea what their relationship is like…smh!!!…had to put some of you in your place..

    P.S if you think the show is a waste of time——->>>DON’T<<<———–watch it!!!

  17. laura hater

    i dunno about the rest of the world but i can’t stand this bitch… she is one of the most conceded ugly peoples i have ever seen. i don’t know how she even ended up the show. what was vh1 thinking? hell how did she end with a nba player? bitch is a fat ugly bitch….she might have gained the weight after the kids, but having babies does not make you ugly….just sayin

    and in response to a_love….if they didn’t want people to talk trash or be in their business they should not have put it out there for the world to see…and yea maybe some of its rumor and not true but that’s the price of fame….and shit those bitches do the same exact thing on the show so why do you feel sorry for them??????

  18. Tai

    That’s what his STUPID ass gets!!!! He stuck with a DAMN gold-digging BITCH!!! His STUPID ass got 3 damn children, He needs STUPID ASS tatted in his forehead!!! LOL!

  19. tlyn

    most of you ducks wish you was his baby momma…and who wants a baby by a broke ass..NOBODY…who cares what they got goin on…who cares if she a gold digger…she not diggin in yo pockets…and every last 1 of ya’ll that’s hatin payin her 304 ass too by watchin the keep up the good keepin 304’s you say you hate relevant….WAY TO GO GOVAN SISTER….YOU GOTTA GANG OF HATERS WHO DYING TO TAKE YO PLACE!!!!

  20. Veronica

    Sorry to say but I didn’t like this chick either her and her sister both seemed like mean spirited fake Bronx bitches. Shauny should of K.O both of da asses gold digging parriot face bitches.

  21. Veronica

    Am telling you half of these women don’t give two shits about dese NBA men there with just there pockets and there so ignorant and stupid stuck on looks there to blind to see it.

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