Paul Pierce’s wife Julie Pierce


  1. LOL

    lol!! Julie and Larry were never in a relationship! They used eachother for the obvious and SAME reason, and saw eachother a total of 5 times their entire lives. Married men are at the same fault as the women they “date”

  2. Sunshine

    You sound like either her or her friend.. How do you know how many times they saw each other? It’s women like her that makes marriages fail. She should have some kind of morals and respect for herself than sleep around with a married man just to see what she can get out of him. I feel sorry for Paul because he should know she means no good!! I hope he doesn’t marry her either. He deserves better!! Like NeNe Leakes from Atlanta housewives told Kim “Keep your legs closed to married men!”

  3. chantal

    I heard that she actually graduated college! Which de-qualifies her of any Jersey Chaser title.. Pretty rare for athlete wives. WAY TO GO PAUL!

  4. KG Hit da Jack Pot

    she cool but dis n**ga need to ask KG if his wife got a sister, Mom, cousin, Grandma or something. Dis gyrl straight but she ain’t f**kin wit KG broad. If I was on da Celtics or a team playing dem n**gaz I’ll leave my role call blank until I can get Stacy Dash or Eva tha model gyrl or soembody who can F**k wit KG broad to sit in dem stands on game day. Until then only my Moma comin to games. not Kobe or Reggie bytch can’t fuk wit KG wife.

  5. star


  6. Christy Norman

    If Paul is happy with his lady friend, then thats all that matters. She is there for him, (Paul even says she is a big support system)and the two of them have probably already worked out the past. And none of that personal information should have ever been leaked….we have no right to his personal life. It is what it is, he loves her, she loves him….now eeryone can be happy for them!

  7. Relationship expert

    I do not see any type of connection she looks like they both look like their just happy to be on the carpet. they never look at eachother with the look as in she or he is the love of my life. They are not ready for marriage or eachother. they need to date other people and not while their together. They just need a break they are moving to fast:)

  8. Tanya

    I think they look good together she’s beautiful but i just hope she don’t hurt him because damn i’ll get

  9. Jim B

    That “union” is in the past.
    Julie is sleeping with a well known baseball player from New York.
    Cant turn a hoe int a housewife. But Paul is The Truth, so I’m sure he’s no fool. Everything he does is for a reason.

  10. Dee

    What is Julie’s job, her career? I know dating NBA players is a job in itself and with a baby by Paul she is and will be in the future well paid.

  11. Ms. Portis

    Well now she’s married! If she messed up another family well u know the saying KARAM is a ***** lol good luck!!

  12. Celticfan40

    AWWWW HELL NAW PIERCE! I can already see this won’t work! She boned a married man? she a hangerrounder the nba lookin for cheddar? He likes how she looks on his arm if anything. Can’t be love. I give it two years.

  13. Celticfan40

    Anotha funny thing is, the suit that Rondo is sportin with his GF, looks exactly like the suit Paul wore to their wedding this past weekend. hahahshshshshshs no shit!! hahahah!! no pun, but that shit funny! I love the celtics. I love them so much, im leaving NY to move to Boston, to support my team. You all can thank KG for me ribbin on his boys. He always got some shit to say about everybody else. That’s my dude…he’s hilarious!

  14. Lisa

    Hell with that it’s not her fault that Mrs. Larry Hughes couldn’t keep her husband. It must have been damn good! She got Paul and that’s proof in the pudding keep on going Julie—-F**k Haters! Go Paul and Julie, let Larry and his wife go get enhancement surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Alicia

    Hey Julie I’m really happy for you.. Just remember people are fickel and there’s no way aroung it… If you ask GOD to for give you then that’s what he did. Everyone else don’t matter only he does. This trash talk don’t make you or break you so keep pushing in your life and marriage …..CONGRATS on your marriage and your life as a new mom. Tell your mom I said HI.. And be BE BLESSED and let GOD lead……

  16. EbonyskinlovesPaul

    Why do these NBA stars get hitched and they know they’re not gonna be faithful. The next pretty thing that walk by is gonna grab their attention. I just know that when u do wrong to others especially adultery-there are consequences even after forgiveness. I have to admit, I’m in love with Paul Pierce, I wish I was there for him in 2000 when he got stabbed I feel for him b/c I’ve had a lessthan childhood but I have big dreams. Anyway, we’ll meet as soon as I make the cheerleading squad. Go “Truth”

  17. Anita Crockett

    Hey Truth! I am one of your newest fans (You and the Celtics). I became a fan with your last championship against the Lakers (before then, I didn’t even like basketball), but you really caught my eye because you look just like my brother. I don’t know much about your wife’s past, but the past is in the past, and I think she is absolutely “gorgeous” and you look so very happy. Many blessings to your marriage and your family. I am 52 years old and look at all the Celtics team as sons. I LOVE THE CELTICS!! IGNORE THE HATERS…(that’s all they know how to do!). Rootin’ for you all! WHIP THE CRAP OUT THE KNICKS AND MAKE “SPIKE” SIT HIS BUGGY EYED SELF DOWN AT EACH GAME!!! LOL! MOMMA NITA!

  18. thinds

    I’m telling you point blank, you are not his biggest fan. That honor has already been bestowed on someone else.

  19. The one

    Lowdown…. Don’t be a hater cuz she’s mixed. Damn gurl u sound so insecure. Anyway, hope the C’s bounce back after tonight’s loss. Shake dat shyt off

  20. The Black Archilles

    Anybody watches NBA Wives, What a Bunch Hoes, Basically stole these Guys money and trying to live large off money they haven’t earned.

    To all men that’s making Millions, Don’t Be Fooled, More Money, More Women trying to get in those pockets. Strap up, Keep Condoms around all the time and No Matter how good she gives Great Head Get a PreNup You’ll be so sorry if you don’t. Screw it, Be like Opra, She’s a Billionaire and she won’t Marry anyone because she knows if they Divorce she has to pay up. Be Smart

  21. Celtics 34

    I have been a Celtics fan since 1973. The last year has been a really difficult time in my life. One thing that helped me through, crazy as it might sound, was being able to watch the Celtics games. Now that the season is over I feel like I have lost my best friends.
    Thanks for sharing…..

  22. big fan

    I’m a huge fan of your husband’s and the Celtics. I’m kinda late, really late, but congratulations on your nuptials. I read some of the comments. Try not to let the negative things people say things bother you. Sometimes people are hurting and they want you to hurt too. In most cases when a person prospers they feel like it should have been them instead, which is usually the case with us women, then if you add a man and a ring to the equation it really causes envy (whether he has millions or not). It doesn’t always make them bad or evil people, just human. Shake it off and keep doing you. :-) Best wishes to you and your family.

  23. t.conner

    Being a natural born JayHawk fan!!!!! loves Paul (yes the Truth).That being said :::what He likes me and my family love..Julie you are so blessed,regardless what HATERS!!!Say as we all know we have to go threw a few Mr. Wrongs before Mr. Right comes Yes I wish he was mine!! ..Let’s Go Celtics God Bless all the haters too in 2013…

  24. Paula

    Hi Julie!!
    I don’t know how I arrived at this site, but when I saw your name and a note that allowed us to write you a message, I thought I would!! 39 year Celts STH and I met you a few times. My family and I wish to congratulate you and Paul on the birth of your son!!!!! Your daughter’s are absolutely adorable and we can’t wait to see your little guy at the Garden in October!!! We so enjoy watching your daughter and KG’s daughter cheering for their favorite Celtics players…. their Dads’!!!
    Your husband is a wonderful basketball player and one of our top 5 favorites in Celts history!!!
    Have a wonderful summer!!!!

  25. Michael banahan

    Mrs pierce I was a first responders Who survived cancer from 911 thank Paul For his autograph !! I am manny sokol son in law

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