Lamar Odom’s wife Khloe Kardashian



    these Kardashian sisters get on my nerves, They are almost as annoying and Heidi and Spencer Pratt. Lets just put all of the Speidis and kardashians of the world in a bottle of throw them far into the ocean, where they are no longer apart of civilization.(And I was holing back in this comment)

  2. hazel mack

    he could have done better, i mean she is just another slutty ass kardashian she has a foul mouth, dirty mouth, nasty mouth, y would he marry trash? dam lamar couldn u have pick someone with a little more class, i mean u see she has no respect 4 her fam and i know if u have sistas or cousins them sistas aint havin that ugly bitch dis them like she do, and she is bisexual. she mo man than u bro. and she aint cute, dam she is the ugly sister. thats y she is so mean. i cant wait 4 ur fam members 2 dig in that ass, i mean kick her ass not fuck that stink asshole. sorry lamar but u brought that on ur own. ms. mack/b-mores finest.

  3. fsasha84

    I don’t think she is related to the Kardashian family, she is the only one who look odd. Anyways Kim got famous for showing her naked behind and making a sex tape, who cares about kourtney because she is a nobody and now kloe is trying to become famous by marrying a basketball player. And have you seen their mom? Her face look plastic. I just crack myself up!

  4. stephanie

    lamar for real i guess when your hard up even trannys look good but you would think once you got a piece of that nasty shit you would wake the fuck up. whos ding dong is bigger yours lamar or your mans i mean khole. hahahah khole what a joke

  5. nc

    Hey you haters,get a life. I love Khloe and her sisters .Your family is just cool and fun and keep it up. I wish you all the best with your husband. All these people ignore them, they need to grow up and they are all failures. I love the confidence that you always carry Khloe.

  6. kim

    I agree with almost everything you said except the chubby part. smh… you’re one of those people who believe that the waif like look is normal and sexy? thanks for contributing to women feeling insecure about themselves. the average woman wears a size 12 and I am sure she is probably a 10 or 8 at the most. please don’t do that to women. it’s hard enough being one…

  7. denise

    Khloe is MY FAVORITE KARDASHIAN…she knows how to handle herself…she lets nun pull ha dwn…and i say “fuck” err bdi tat has sum to say bou ha weight…im soo tired uf ppl tryna bring ha dwn cuz uf her weight…im soo glad she has a man like Lamar Odom…he makes her feel special and protected…its a blessing to b 5’10 and wear a 6/8…ii wish ii wusx like tat….Khloe u du yo damn thanq…Lamar keep mii girl smilin…neva let ha frown kum off ha face and Khloe du dha same…PICTURE PERFECT…

  8. Jenay

    KHLOE is beautiful and down to earth and Lamar married his true love!!

    You H8trs have nothing good to say because you are not much to look at! Get a life..

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