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It's very easy to forget that being traded in professional sports has ramifications beyond the player.

Take JJ Redick's wife Chelsea Redick for example. Just hours before the 2013 NBA Trade Deadline, Chelsea Redick (formerly Chelsea Kilgore), took to Twitter revealing her anxiety.

@annika722: @ChelseaRedick thinking of you my love!!! Im counting down the minutes. If I need a drink right now, I'm sure you about 100! #keepjj
‏@ChelseaRedick: @annika722 haha! I'm holding up! Just a few anxious hours left!

And just a few anxious hours later, JJ Redick was shipped to the Milwaukee Bucks uprooting the Redick family from Orlando to Milwaukee in the dead of February (we'll let you make your own decisions about how that move sounds). Chelsea Redick's bio reads: Pilates Instructor. Identical twin. Amateur Chef. Wannabe runner. Lover of live music. Haver of husband.
NYC, Orlando, and now Austin
. The San Antonio Spurs were interested in Redick, which would have worked out perfectly for the couple to live year round in Austin... but looks like Milwaukee is the newest destination to Chelsea's Twitter bio.

In her time away from leading Pilates classes, Chelsea helps to run the JJ Redick foundation, which bills it's mission statement as driven "to ensure that children understand the possibilities and opportunities that exist through dedication, hard work, and faith." The couple was married on June 26, 2010 after having dated for years.

As the resident Duke fan of the PlayerWives.com staff (and honestly of anyone else in my entire life), I'll always have a soft spot for JJ Redick. I wish him well in Milwaukee, and hope he decides to rock the green & white in Boston come 2013.... there's always a place for a dead on 3 point specialist.

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  1. Anonymous

    I have followed J.J. since his freshman year at Duke. I love his knowledge, love and passion for the game. Chelsea, you have helped elevate your husband to another level,both professionally and personally. I wish you both the 40 years plus of being happily married that I have. Never go to bed alone (except for road trips - lol), never go to bed with unanswered questions, and never go to bed angry.

  2. Steve Radovich

    Hello and welcome to Milwaukee. You will find our city one of the best kept secrets around. If you like live music the Spring, Summer and Fall are full of "Live" venues with both national and local talent with Summerfest being a 10 day music fest on the lakefront. People are freindly and respect your privacy and there are many restaurants and places to enjoy within a short car ride. Yes, there is winter and it provides a nice escape and you too can escape to other climates but it is a great place by a great lake.
    If you are interested in settleing here with a new contract for JJ ( I hope) I can assist with a new home.
    Sincerest thanks.

  3. K.B

    I remember the days when this guy was a total bust. All those years in Orlando doing absolutely nothing and paid like Michael Jordan.

  4. Lois Dickinson

    Hi Chelsea,

    I've been of fan of JJ's ever since he began playing for the Orlando Magic. I was really disappointed when JJ was traded to Milwaukee, and even more disappointed when they misplayed him or didn't play him much at all.

    I think, and hope, JJ, Doc and the rest of the LA Clippers have a great year. It would seem they have the players to do just that, and I've purchased the NBA Sports TV package so I can watch their games.

    I'm wondering if you've moved to the LA area for the season. Just being nosey.

    I don't know how you'll be using this site, but would really enjoy hearing from you if you have the time and interest.


  5. Jay Thomas

    Jesus this has to be one of the sexist couples in existence. She's gorgeous and seems like a decent person, and I'm straight and I have to admit that JJ Redick looks like he was made in some lab that creates perfect human specimens.

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