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Eric Bledsoe's girlfriend Morgan



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The Clippers have become LA's favorite team this season, finally breaking free from the shadow cast by the Lakers. Don't get me wrong, Lob City was very popular last year, but this team seems like a much more legit title contender this season. And it certainly helps that Kobe's squad is floundering around .500 and just lost big man Gasol for an extended duration. As Celtic's fans, this is one of the few bright spots this year. But back to the Clippers, who are lead by Chris Paul. When he became injured, third year guard Eric Bledsoe was inserted into the starting lineup and he definitely hasn't disappointed.

Bledsoe was a one-and-done collegiate, attending the University of Kentucky in 2009-10. Even though he was just there for one season, he was dogged by controversy even before he started school. The NCAA questioned his eligibility, claiming that his high school grades had been manipulated. Although they ultimately concluded something didn't quite add up, they allowed Bledsoe to go to Kentucky and play basketball for coach John Calipari. It should come as no surprise that not everything was on the up and up, as scandal has followed Calipari for most of his coaching career. After a very successful 35-3 season by the Wildcats, Bledsoe rode that momentum to a first round selection in the NBA draft. He made the NBA All-Rookie Second Team, but was moved to the bench his second year with the arrival of Chris Paul. Clearly he didn't not give up, and is finally being rewarded for his perseverance.

As far as we can tell, Eric Bledsoe is not married, although he does have a daughter. Eric Bledsoe's girlfriend Morgan gave birth to their child in 2011. Outside of the fact they have a daughter, there's really not much we can find on Morgan. She appears to hail from Birmingham, Alabama, which is where Bledsoe grew up as well. Connecting the dots, it would reason to say they've been together for a while but that's just purely speculation there of course. If we find out anything else, we'll report back.

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