Donald Sterling’s girlfriend V. Stiviano


  1. Shea

    My typo may take over but anywho
    I have listen to the recording what he could have said may sound harsh. #1 I am a black or African American. What she did was record him in his own home ( therefore setting him up) knowing the fact that she was the one recording she held a lot back from what she would normally say and how she would say anything. If listening to the record seeing that we came into we may never know what was talked about before that as listening to the recording his girlfriend or whatever she calls herself she seems to be the one egging it on bring it up its understandable as you rise up in life why keep bringing the same stuff around he has a image. When looking at her Instagram pictures she’s a woman looking for fun she seems to be the woman trying to live off a girl froma rap video not to say how he is or so but thought their conversation if he kept saying black people (we as black people) swear up and down racism right ??? She post pictures as if she is young and single when he’s hanging around professional. That’s like Beyoncé she don’t want Kim around because all she does is tweet and pix everything she is doing. His girlfriend stiviano egged at something and kept it going no where in there was he even trying to have a discussion as so. He wants her to have class about herself . Most of all just like any man you date have some kind of jealously he will say it about your gay friend and he can’t come either period so none of this seems like he trying to target it out to that. In this case she’s wrong and every time he feels the need to speak about how they wouldn’t be good together and telling her go head enjoy I don’t care it’s like she is ready to beg for him back. I believe he is getting sick and tired of yes his friends he knew before this girl come back and tell him things that she gives interest else where and he feels to the point as your more than happy to do these things with others but, no telling he might not giving love to him like that she unders her man as if he’s not in the picture. Most of all she is hoping this recording gets her some one else. Which she keeps pushin it’s a racist but most of all he is telling her like any man tells his woman behind close door how he feels he isn’t yelling or anything meaning you hear her trying to make it as if he hates he’s saying he doesn’t mind and doesn’t have a problem with blacks he’s okay with magic he doesn’t won’t his woman hanging with men and if she was going to do it please do it blindly only to stop others from speaking and spreading rumors and it’s kind of like keeping him from seeing it himself because he doesn’t want to look at her like that it just so happen she may have been In the pix with magic but even with another he still doesn’t want her to be therefore he ask why she couldn’t walk with family or her sisters meaning why do you need or thee friends who relationship is this ours or just yours??
    Most of all I hope she gets no game from this because this was disloyal one it’s behind close doors it’s not like the man abuse her slapped her nothing he’s talking about what’s being posted on Instagram and what comes back to him period she egged on he’s black an black that …
    Someone looking for a quick buck what pisses me off the most is how sad you can hear her stupid ass keep sayin your setting him up hell your bond to hear one or two things your bond to hear sarcastic remarks he didn’t go public or say it to someone in the crowd it was behind close doors like black have said some rude shit about white people as well black people high and might we swear we need people to remeber we were slaves. That man has a business so what if he didn’t want black and spainish to live there. I’m pretty sure if credit was all the way up because for every business everyone has a say on who they want around who they hire all that extra shit hell she is a disloyal fake woman who lookin for fame !! Even if she had alittle she may feel this brings her out more. Sorry sweety but I don’t believe eyes he said some things but like he said and maybe by how he felt is don’t hang with this or those people and she should instead of being the sneaky flunk she’s trying to be she wants to rep black this and that but truth be told she disrespects blacks as well she wants to be a full core Latina woman and holds that highly party with white people and because she’s upset now she wants to come out I’m black this in black that stop it!!!

  2. Shea

    She’s a snake so the next man needs to watch out because she’s doing what she wants for fame that man don’t have time to keep taking care of her even if people say she has her own money hell she don’t have his kinda money.

  3. mike kells

    She’s cute and smart. Well done, V Stiviano for exposing the racist. The rental property discrmination lawsuits and constant complaints from coaches and players of that man’s ignorance have finally been given the attention it should have been given a long time ago. @ Shea. I question if you are really black or a white person trolling.

  4. andy

    well for one thing that picture in the upper right hand corner of the four needs to be taking down…that’s not that v. stiviano bitch…V. is an ugly tranny looking bitch and that girl on the light post most definitely isn’t her…so ya…take that picture down and don’t portray that as her…

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