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Chauncey Billups wife Piper Billups has been in the picture for the long haul. The two have been together since their days at George Washington High School in Denver, when Piper was Chauncey Billups' girlfriend. They have three daughters: Cydney, Ciara and Cenaiya. Ciara's godfather is Billups good friend, Kevin Garnett.

In an interview with the Denver NBC affiliate, Piper explained her emotions when learning that Chauncey had been traded from the Detroit Pistons back to the Denver Nuggets in 2008.

"We were like, 'We've been there.' You know we were here before. It wasn't that good of a run, and, you know, they traded him and that was disappointing, but it was like 'Ah, we've been there. Don't look back - move forward. Me, being from Denver, I'm happy for my city. I'm proud of where I grew up. I'm proud for this state and it's crazy to go around and see all this Nuggets."

I wonder how Piper feels about the Clippers?

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