04/19/13 (Updated)

Blake Griffin's girlfriend Daniella Grace

Looks like posters aren't the only thing that Blake Griffin is dominating right now. He is also killing it on the dating scene, with the most recent example of this being Blake Griffin's girlfriend Daniella Grace.

Griffin and Grace were first spotted together the first weekend of December. They were out in Los Angeles celebrating the birthday of Griffin's teammate Eric Bledsoe. Amazingly the paparazzi respected his wishes to not have pictures taken of them together. However we can somewhat confirm this as earlier that day Grace was seen at the Clippers game. The photo included the hashtag #thanksforthetixblake. [quick side rant here - Can we relax with the hashtags? Seriously, who would ever use that one again? It's called sentences people... just keep it to sentences. Not everything can "trend".]

Grace is a model... at least as far as we can tell. Certainly lots of pictures with her posing and various stages of undress. She also recently finished filming a movie entitled Sand Castles. She describes herself as a "life enthusiast" and "coffee" addict. Well aren't we all. There's a lot we aren't sure about Grace, but we are very confident that she's smoking hot.

With the Clippers off to a hot start, there is a lot of attention being drawn to them and their stars, with Griffin being no exception to that. As long as Lob City keeps firing, Blake will keep throwing it down on opponents and having a love life any guy would be envious of. But for now it's seems he's off the market, and he made a great choice this time if we do say so ourselves.

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17 Responses to “Blake Griffin's girlfriend Daniella Grace”

  1. JT

    1. They aren't dating. Just friends. (I have sources within the Clipper organization who've confirmed this.) 2. Eric Gordon was traded a long time ago the party was for Eric Bledsoe! 3. He was flirting with another girl at that party there were pictures and all. And he was photographed flirting with yet another female while on the road two days later. 4. Blake is single!

  2. John

    On a 1-10 looks scale she is at least a 20!

  3. tonyZ

    Deezam, I'd say she's a 100! Probably the hottest swag in all sports.

  4. Yotruth

    White women are the best!!!

    Aint that right bros!

  5. HG

    Why do people always have to think that Blake is dating someone. He is usually just friends with most of these people.

  6. TT

    Small boobs, no ass. He can get a better jump off than this.

  7. JR


  8. Wednesday

    She's cute now but wait 5 years, she'll look 60. White woman age like milk. . .no, more like raisins.

  9. Samantha

    She's ugly to me. No one even knew her until she started going with Blake so you know what that means? Just another hoe trying to get some Camera time beacause she couldn't do it on her own so she goes and dates a basketball player so she can. Hmmmm might you be a friend of Kim Kardashian Ms. Grace? Are you like the other girl where she was going with blake and fucked anything that was athletic and her so called best friend busted her on twitter? Or are you a like the one who was trying to make her baby daddy jealous even though it wasn't really working? Well anyway it goes your ugly but the ugly bitches always get good stuff in life while pretty talented girl (Like me!) have to work for it but nothing that comes out of it!

  10. EG

    I really don't think that they are dating bc he didn't want to have pics taken with them together so that people would not assume that they were dating like you guys did. DUHHH. But she is pretty though.

  11. natile

    she is ugly

  12. barbara

    This bitch is ugly. she aint got no ass. no boobs. no nothin. she just wants to get camera time to get more popular. and its true, they are JUST friends. im sure he can do a lot better than this. i mean look at him, he's hot and sexy. and she's well.. that...

  13. mrphillinyouup

    you people are fucking haters. your mad cause your not with him so you have to bitch about her inperfections. grow the fuck up

  14. Martin Nguyen

    How old is Daniella Grace Almeida?

  15. DeShawn

    Blake Griffin has been spotted with actress Daniella Grace. We broke this scoop a few weeks back. Since then, she’s been getting a little crazy. Here’s a tip we received: Check out this Twitter page Daniella is seen in pictures with several men declaring her love for them and kissing on them…some are even celebrity friends of Blakes. She’s also in a pic with a female and it looks like they are taking their clothes off! Most of the men are black, she’s definitely a real opportunist, trying to ride these men to the top! Blake might want to reconsider his options” Yes, it appears she believes she’s Blake’s girlfriend. I wonder if Blake knows?-TO

  16. MacMike

    can someone make this blond tramp get outs already... we don't want to se more pics of this hoe.
    she got put on blast already... who wants to hear about some pathetic wannabe holly hoe getting boned by a bunch of different black men. we already know what this nasty hoe all bout. climbing that social ladder by ridin the black penis.

  17. NBA

    why does this same crap keep getting posted?! this person obviously isn't Blake's gf.
    Blake just wants some p*ssy... and she spread her legs wide open for him so she could get some attention for her nonexistent "career". everyone knows Hollywood groupie/wannabe actresses/ wannabe models are easy and eager to spread their legs for a ball player. (have sex with a ball player=publicity. it's that easy.)