Blake Griffin’s girlfriend Brynn Cameron


  1. Henry

    “…is paying $15K a month in child support.”

    Is there any point in revealing this information beyond goading a reader into thinking that Brynn Cameron purposefully has babies with athletes for the child support? Like, seriously, why even report that? Yes, it’s interesting that Brynn Cameron has two children with two famous athletes. It is not interesting that one of them pays child support. Of course he does and it would be illegal if he didn’t. Shameful reporting.

  2. Jesse

    She ain’t stupid (then in a sense see really is) as she is set up for life opening up her legs to bear her some kiddies from two athletes.

  3. T.Y.

    One would think in this day and age that you would not have to tell these pro athletes to use a condom, but I guess there are some still out there that just don’t get it. Maybe Blake should try making a commercial for condoms.

  4. Guest Star

    Nice come-up, Brynn. Matt’s career is tanking so she moved on to another young athlete – only this time she made sure he was established and NOT someone with a “promising future.”

    Don’t know what compels an athlete to date another athlete’s leftovers; aren’t there enough untainted/unclaimed women out there? The best BLAKE GRIFFIN could do was Matt Leinart’s baby momma? Good grief. Oh well – again, nice com-up, Byrnn!

  5. Jason

    Trap baby. Her thinking is if I can’t have you then I will have your kid. That way you have to be in my life. How sad. Something is mentally wrong with women who think that way. Protect yourself with a condom..

  6. Vanessa

    She is as fault and much as this idiots athletics. Of course woman are going to want to have their kids for financial security. That’s why they should of worn condoms. They are more at fault for being public figure. They get what they deserve period!

  7. Josh

    It would be in his best interest to marry her at this point. Child support for two kids in California is a beast for someone of his income. I’ll never understand why these dudes don’t practice safe sex. There are chicks out there who feel the need to trap you into a relationship. Leinert kept it moving. I guess Blake was thinking she would do him that way.

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