Paul George’s girlfriend Callie Rivers


  1. Sam Azbell

    Listen now I know that this was not acceptable but everyone makes mistakes. And this is one mistake that he made Paul George is a great person. And he would be a great dad give the fella a chance.

  2. Dorothy Weaver

    Callie, you are the daughter of the highly respected Doc Rivers, you as a woman, in your own right surely you know you are someone who don’t have to settle or put up up with just anything or anyone. You’re beautiful and I’m willing to be you’ve had an excellent education, so you are not dumb or stupid. Be encouraged my sister and wise up! If Mr. George impregnanated Daniela, that means he did not use a condom while he had sex with her?! In other words he raw dog her?! Women such as Daniela are fine with having sex with “Ballers” in an attempt to get paid one way or another. Therefore with them no condom is required. Imagine how many men she may have been with…and then Mr. George comes back to you afterwards?! Surely you know the highest rate of people with HIV/AIDS are African American hetrosexual women who are involved with men who stray?! You’ve got to value your body, your heart and soul. his offering her money to have an abortion; why did he not use some of that money to at least buy a condom?! When you have time check out the 30 for 30 program on ESPN titled “Broke” it is very sad but informative on how many of the “Ballers” wind up in pathetic situations dues to bad choices. your father is a success story. You can do better! One word: RUN!

  3. TooBad

    Paul George and/or Calli Rivers are both VERY young with RAGING HORMONES. Unfortunately, they should BOTH stay non-committed and SINGLE for as long as they can since most RICH and YOUNG couples (Ballers especially) today will STRAY at some point in any committed relationship. It’s the fact of life. They NEVER intend to stray but there IS just too much temptation out there for any young MAN or WOMAN to remain monogamous in our current, sex-crazed, uninhibited, free-love, western society.

  4. King Anthony

    Everyone has an opinion, everyone feels their advice is valid, at the end of the day clear your mind evaluate the things you’ve been taught, the things you’ve experienced, ask GOD seriously is this in your best interest and listen for the answer, we don’t know what Paul means to your life or what it will mean if he’s not, we really don’t knw if he’s guilty or not being that we weren’t there, you have two parents and a support system you can turn to but once again at the end of the day its up to you. Everyone has luggage you just have to find the person who will love you enough to help you unpack!

  5. EZ Rawlins

    Are white women considered ‘better’ REGARDLESS of profession, reputation, etc.? Is any and every white woman worthy of the pedestal these players place them on? It’s common on these forums for folks – including black men – to defend African American players that marry white chicks; they denounce ‘bitter’ black women and extol the virtues of free love, blah blah blah. Seriously, is THIS free love? Impregnating a stripper? THAT’S the person he dates to avoid African American women and their ‘bad attitudes?’ Sheesh! 18 years, 18 years…

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