Russell Westbrook’s wife Nina Earl Westbrook


  1. tiffany

    He also has an Oklahoma “girlfriend”! James harden’s brother cuts her hair…yes you read that correctly she has a shaved head. Weird hummmm!!!

  2. Erykah

    I feel you Russell….you have to keep it in the family boo…the basketball family that is! ONLY a woman that plays the same sport can whole heartedly support and understand the demands and pressures of a man in the NBA. All these gurlz wanna look the part but can’t follow the script..bimbos without brains smh! But not me dear…I got what it takes. The total package…live by the book…have the look and be a trooper stand by yo hooper!!! I’m waiting for KD :-)

  3. bigeasy Mom

    Since he meet a New Orleans beauty 4yoursweetooth, Russell has stars circling his head. Nina can’t hold a candle to this beautiful
    creole woman, he meet at the mall in Miami. I have the picture to prove it.

  4. WadeUnion

    So where is your picture bigeasy Mom? And Tiffany what the hell are you talking about, Russell doesn’t have an Oklahoma chick with a shaved head. Yall just love making up lies, with no receipts.smdh

  5. WadeUnion

    Russy, is handsome and I love his style and Nina is pretty, they make a cute couple. Bigeasymom, I saw your pic on another website, the girl in the pic looks old enough to be Russy’s mother and she wasn’t even cute. Get over it, he is in love with Nina!!! Check out Nina’s instagram, he sends her flowers etc, he’s in love!!

  6. Anonymous

    I’m 71 and I think all of our OKC Thunder guys are hunks, wish I had a daughter their age, the have so much character and share the spotlight well. We are so proud to have them in Oklahoma. Love to watch them play. Nina , don’t worry about the gossip, they are just wishful thinkers trying to get under your skin. Russell seems like a great young man, whose parents raised him well.

  7. M. Gibson

    You are beautiful. Always be truthful,kind and loving. Westbrook seems to be a gentleman. I love the GQ dressing. Looks great on him. Remember, his Mom is a queen. So,I know he wants a princess to become his queen so,you two can have beautiful children when the time is right. Make sure you enjoy each other as friends and lovers. Keep GOD in your lives and everything else will follow. Be blessed.

  8. raegan hollowell

    hey nina earl i am russell westbrook 1 fan and by the way i wish i can meet u and russell westbrook and did u have fun at the thunder game i saw y guys u are my romodel u and russell westbrook and i want 2 be in the wnba always be nice and gentel with my best player plz promise me that u be loving 2 him plz

    <3 – raegan

  9. Toyna


  10. Michelle Johnson

    Nina and Russell-We wish the best for you guys, enjoy whatever time you have together, never put off tomorrow what you can express, one way or another today, like when OKC-kicks San Antonio’s bute tonight. Russell-continue to drive and or disk to available player open, as fast as you run the court, either slow your pass, or others should pick up theirs. KD, as always continue your pull up and shoot, you guys played well, only need 2 more games, We(YOU)can do it, Serge, Perkins, protect the paint, get that —-, out of here, Reggie,Caron, Sefolosha, And others, when your called-MAN-UP-2 games remaining, WE-believe you know you can, LET’S GO

  11. Michelle Johnson

    Nina, My Better half, knows when the Games are on, unless we watch together, I go in Daughter’s room-Ebonii-we call her EBO, I focus on the game, don’t like tobedisturb as OKC, won’t tonight, tell Russell, KD, RJ, Thabo, Collision, Serge, Caron, and all others, we said(Good Luck, God Bless(we know you can and will do it—-MAN UP

  12. Wiliane Quarterman

    Nina,I am happy for you and Westbrook be good to him,so he can “keep on doing what he doing” I love watching him play. I am an OKC fan.I feel like I know y”all.Glad he choose a beautiful intelligent woman.

  13. Dorothy Jones

    Beauty flows from the inside out. Stay intelligent, beautiful and a god fearing woman! Wish you guys much love!
    Westbrook is a great player!

  14. alisha

    He’s human people and so is she. Nobody’s perfect! Given chance he will laugh at your momma rag on your daughter and give you the boot

  15. Gloria Burgess

    Nice wedding pictures, thank God a black man still appreciates a beautiful black woman!!! Tell Russell to stop throwing his body on the basketball floor, he’s going to seriously injure himself.

    Beat the WARRIORS please, please.
    Good Luck

  16. Michelle Johnsom

    It’s TIME: FAV TEAM~~~OKC~~FAV BALLER~~~RWESTBROOK~~ Know you and FAM great~~~take care you and NINA~~~when in Detroit~~ Holla~~ would love to see Game in person~~ keep each other grounded~~ We love you guys~~ take care you!!!!!

  17. Guest Star

    GORGEOUS wife. SO GLAD he selected a woman of beauty, intellect, talent and grace and not some ‘exotic’ IG wannabe. Wish he could’ve schooled Paul George on doing the same…

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