Royce Reed: Dwight Howard’s ex girlfriend and the mother of his illegitimate son


  1. ExtraordinaryJ

    They did the right thing Biblically. “Love is patience love is kind…. in keeps no record of wrong.” By loving the life a child and supporting and caring for the mother and the child that IS WWJD. What Jesus would do. He wouldnt have had a child out of wedlock of course, but He is Christ He IS perfect we are not. Much love to Royce & Dwight and Braylon :) Experience the Extraordinary Everyday!

    -Peace & Blessings manifest with every lesson learned.

  2. sheshe

    I don’t think that God will hold anything against Dwight or Royce for a child being born out of wedlock. All sins are forgiven because he knowns that we are not perfect. I love Dwight, he’s a great player with room to grow. In about two years he’s going to be a force to be reckon with. The guy is good. God bless Dwight, Royce and their child.

  3. jacque

    hi mr howard, i dont know but when i 1st saw you in the tv that time. i want to know you better, i think i have a crush on you. dont get mad at me because, its imposible for me to see & met you. i just want to tell you that i like you. i’m not good in english but i study it just to make a note for you. i am so very disappointed that you have son already i thought that you’re single. but its okey atleast i know now. thank you for reading my note. you love chinese right? im sorry to disappoint you but i am a filipina. thanks again and GOD BLESS.

  4. Jaylela

    i dont kno if it is dwight who is reading this but if it’s you dwight i want you to know that i met you in my dream last night and this morning right away i went online and google out the name and see that same face from my dream… Very mysterious i must admit but only god knows

  5. ms sunshine

    Royce don’t pay the hater no mind. u love your child that all that matters. and ur a dancer have fun u only live once. but i would’t have touch a women butt myself.

  6. Rochelle Blakely

    He could have done better according to who’s standards? She’s a beautiful and talented young woman and I’m sure that she is doing much better than you are. The important thing is that the child is the first priority and I am sure that Royce and Dwight will prioritize their child just as everyone else does who love their children. Don’t be disappointed because we were all created by God and he is the only person who deserves the right of disappointment. God Bless.

  7. Reba

    God never makes mistakes but the Orlando coach does by letting Howard take any shots farther than 5 feet from the goal—If that was enforced the magic would win 15% more games

  8. Bigballer

    Jacque is a tramp who wants to get paid…crush on Dwight…GIVE ME A FRIGGIN BREAK PUHLEESE….and Royce Reed….TRAMP!!!!! HO!!!! SKEEZER!!!! She knew damn welll That she was ovulating and her mother is a PROFESSIONAL HO like her daughter. Not half…and not some BUT ALL THESE BYTCHES who stalk pro athletes are PROFESSIONAL GOLD DIGGERS!!!!! The players should cock them…and then pull out snd drop that load down their damn throats.

  9. Bigballer

    Hey Rochelle…what the hell are u smoking? Royce Reed is a TRAMP!!!! A GOLDIGGER and a PROFESSIONAL HO. Maybe you’d like to join her.

  10. meyani

    Amen bigballer. People are so easily fooled. Yes Royce is a tramp. A lot of the NBA whores are. Theyll do anything for that money… including unprotected sex with any one of them just to get a child out of it hopefully. How sad. Women. Wake the fuqk up!!!!! Geesh! Make your own damn money!!!!!!

  11. kim

    how can you say the kid is ugly? look in the mirror… only an ugly person can be so UGLY to an innocent, precious child!

  12. 50Cent

    “Have a baby by me and be a millionaire”

    $18,000 per month X 12 X 21 years old =4,536,000 the only sad thing is that kid will never see it from the Mom’s pocket. Child support should be based on the custodial parents projected income it would exposed the goldiggers when the child goes to Daddy’s house compared to Mommy’s house.

  13. cynthia

    he need to be with a girl on bwives because all that money that he give her that will be5000,000,000 hat will be he is weak he ned a life.

  14. A realist

    I truly c the ppl on hear that have negative things to say about the players or their better halves have got to be children or jus idiots. How do u know that Royce is a hoe. How do u Know everybody that hooks up with NBA players are golddiggrs. and to say nasty shit like putting something downs their throats….please grow up. I willin to bet u cant get a local chick to let u get non let along go that far so BIG BALLER ur comment was useless and stupid and to talk about her mom??? I mean wat was the point. how did she get in this for not having a comment. and for nikkie and meyani how could u get on a blog and talk about sum1 child. Grow da hell up thats so nah nah na nah na bullshit. I bet u wont call no ones kid ugly to there face u hidin behind ur screen name lol lol get a life. who has time to read about sum1 and then comment on their child. damn yall stupid

  15. ATL

    OK how dare you guts talk about a child like that he is a beautiful child of god. We all are beautiful and I think you guys should apologize to Royce,Dewight and their son because he did not ask to come in this world. He is a child of god and he is very bless to have to beautiful parents.

  16. cailey davis

    Wow its sad to see some of the things people are writing about royce….i actually like royce because shes royce..shes not fake an shes real she knows what she wants an goes hard to get it….braylon howard is to cute because he has two cute parents duhh…i hate it didnt work out between royce an dewight but hey maybe it was for the better….an last but not least i really wish that people would stop talking about royce an dewight because its messy an yall dont no them personally an nine times out of ten if yall saw either one of them out in public i bet yall wouldnt dare ave the gutts to step to em an talk all that foolishness

  17. betta than u

    dwight howard wow it says u have hooked up with a lot girls and had kid with them. why? you are a true player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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