James Harden’s girlfriend Trina


  1. Trey

    How to you settle down with Trina smh I think these guys just being having fun with this chick. I would too!

  2. thanks OKC

    please tell me why that beard??I bet my boyfriend that he grew it for a Bet with someone…can you help me

  3. mimi

    These ppl are killing me u wish y could b n Trina shoes stcop hating be like lala trick plz…smh and foe the dude saying u wouldn’t date her yeah rite ..just kill yourselves haters

  4. lvory

    Not only is Trina the basest bitch she is cool and down to earth she is doing her and I don’t think she is trying to be nobody but herself. People kill me talking about somebody thats doing better than them.She should fuck with whoever she want to. But u got these fake ass basketball wives doing a show talking about nothing and women tune in for that week ass BULL shit! TRINA ISN NT IN THE OPEN WITH ALL HER BUSINESS. LIL MOMMA MAKE HER MONEY AND LAY LOW.I RESPECT THAT ABOUT HER
    Harden and her looks good together
    The? Is who r u trying to be like??????

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