James Harden’s ex-girlfriend Khloe Kardashian


  1. dee bowker

    This is absurd. This author sounds like an ungracious jealous person who is ready to write hearsay about people she/he doesn’t even know. Your stated reasons for disliking K. Kardashian include her looks and behavior, which evidently includes her going around being wealthy + getting her picture taken.

    Yes, these celebrities may very well go about being vacuous but what does it mean for this writer to spend time criticizing them? Our latest election in Nov. is evidence enough how few people understand how their own government works, who their elected officials are and what is being done by their Congressional leaders every day in their name. A huge percentage of the people in our country are very poorly educated (even if they have their B.A. degree or a law degree) and do not have the motivation or time to educate themselves.

    So as a way to keep us looking at meaningless ‘shiny’ objects, like what celebs are doing or wearing or what the superstars in the sports world are saying, etc we don’t see what’s happening in front of us, in the news.
    Get to know the names associated with the mega corporations and their financiers. Who are the biggest attorneys?
    Following the money will help, watch who puts money in which politicians pockets.

    We should take an hour or two every day to systematically learn things about how the world really works and what is really happening ‘out there’. Over many years we/you will begin to understand how the elemental forces at work here in our own country shape the economic disparity we see around us in the good ol’ U.S.A. Who is really pulling the strings? Not even our President is part of the world’s ‘power elite’ (a group of billionaires from different parts of the world who decide how to manipulate different economies to their own financial ends).

    Before you pledge allegiance to yr flag, have some basic knowledge about our country. There are many well reviewed books for beginning students looking into history, politics, culture and economics. Perhaps then you will not care whether or not Miss. Kardashian looks “awkward” or not. Perhaps we will never have to suffer the likes of Trump ever again.

    Discipline yourselves, perhaps meet together in small study groups and above all else support SCIENCE. It won’t be religious ideas that save us from environmental destruction. Teach your children the scientific method, teach them what a fact is and that ‘alternative facts’ are non-facts or lies. It’s important to start now. Most importantly we must financially support Science NOW, or there won’t be much time left for anyone to fantasize about fashion and torrid affairs between rich attractive (or not so attractive as the case may be) celebs who think of nothing but what they want to buy next.

    Think deeply and teach your children not to spend all their free time on ‘frivolities’. Caring for each other, our neighbors + our world should be discussed every night at dinner. Do not let our kids be so utterly distracted by fluff…help them learn the truth that not even their teachers are talking about. Educate them and yourselves. For the sake of all of us, forget who Mr. Harden dates!

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