Dwight Howard’s one time target Mary Carey


  1. chills

    Why would anyone that is not in the xxx business would wont to have a relationship or a meaningful relationship with a porn star. I mean that their bodies have more miles on the than my 1970 toyota. I would have to be just to learn some tricks yuckkkkkkkkk.

  2. chills

    I have a hard time believing this on he has the choice to have any woman he wants why would he chase a worn out porn starr. I don’t mean to sound mean but come on you have more miles on you than my 1970 hand me down toyota. I he has interested it was just for a lesson. Hey like the saying gose young puppies are alway looking for someone to teach them some new tricks….

  3. Orlando Local

    She dissed Dwight for Chris Kirkpatrick??? What a joke. Everyone in Orlando laughs at Chris Kirkpatrick. He is NOT a celebrity anymore. He is a JOKE. He had a club night that he hosted every week called “fame” and no one even showed up. SERIOUSLY this guy is like any other Joe Shmo in O-town. No one cares about him…. DWIGHT on the other hand is our hometown hero. EVERYONE loves him. She def made a really stupid move. Chris is living large on money that will soon run out, Dwight is young and successful and has a very bright future ahead of him. What a dumb bitch.

  4. Chuck

    Go Dwight! Give her the Bible verses but don’t obey them. Please stop calling yourself a Christian. A hypocrite is a much more accurate term.

  5. Hazy Night

    Be careful Dwight!!! If you Marry that chick.. She’ll divorce you and take most of your $$$$$… I can see it in her eyes

  6. Jen

    I think this Bitch is dreaming, trying to make a name for herself that an NBA star like Dwight would want her worn out ass, and i do mean that literally……No star needs to waste their money on Trash, keep dreaming baby…LMAO….Remember people, this is only her story….I really like the part where she says Dwight pulls down his pants and she goes screaming, like a PORN bitch never seen dick before, lol..Stick with your own kind, trash, and stop trying to ruin a respectable mans name.

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