Dwight Howard’s girlfriend Christine Vest


  1. Mr. Williams

    I wouldn’t be able to contact Dwight anonymously but I hope that this gets to him quickly. I am 61 years old and I am sure that in about 5-15 minutes I will be able to drastically increase Dwight’s ability to make free throws. I helped my daughters who think that dad knows nothing. I still have stats for one daughter who increased her free throw percentage from about 28-30% to about 80% in a few minutes. I think that Dwight is a monster on the court and the crowd’s and commentators are cruel. I had thought about checking in on some others who are having big problems but I chose to contact Dwight. No one needs to know about what he is doing with me and I would want to keep it that way. My system is weird by some and really overlooked but what matters is results. It boggles my mind that when it’s used by high schoolers it works but then they are so unfocused and my system is not on the basketball menu that they decide against it. (I coached girls BB) but not this year. It doesn’t hurt to talk about it. I finally got the courage to try to talk to Shaq but he retired. I was still going to try to see if he’d try my system to see how it works for him. Nothing is guaranteed but it seems to work with everyone. It is customized for each person. I will give you my work number and he can call and leave a way to be contacted. I work at a rehab center for adults suffering with severe and persistent mental illness so don’t be alarmed if they ask you to repeat info when you call. Just ask for Mr. Williams or Marlo and tell them that it is regarding basketball and that I know what it is about. You do not need to leave a name because I would know: of you must just say Coach D. I work in the thrift shop unit and the number is 919-967-6985. I think that you would be surprised by everything. Sometimes the simplest things make all the difference. I pray to God that Dwight gets this and doesn’t think that it is a prank. Only God knows, and it is He who will this to fall into the proper hands.

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