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Stephen Curry's wife Ayesha Alexander and the classiest move we can remember

UPDATE 12/10/2014: Stephen Curry seems like one of the coolest guys in the Association. Well add Stephen Curry's wife Ayesha Alexander to the top of the coolest wives list as well.

The Curry's took to YouTube to spin their own version of 0 to 100/The Catch Up, by Drake. The original just happens to have a shoutout to Steph, saying "I been Steph Curry with the shot. Been cookin’ with the sauce, chef, curry with the pot, boy,"

Ayesha Alexander is no newcomer to YouTube, having a successful channel with dozens of videos. Ayesha's YouTube biography tells the world:

I'm Canadian born and raised in Charlotte, NC. I'm 24 years old (now 25), a wife and mommy currently living in San Francisco. My family is my heartbeat and I've been blessed to be able to stay at home, raise my little girl, Riley, and be a loving wife to my husband, Stephen. I love the Lord, food, and my family.

Only appropriate Canadian teen star Drake would shout out the family, I suppose. Take a look at Chef Curry With The Pot below:

Stephen Curry married his fiancee Ayesha Alexander on July 30, 2011. While his wedding is noteworthy unto itself, it's the couple's selfless gesture that really caught our attention.

PlayerWives.com has literally spent hundreds of hours researching the wives and girlfriends of professional athletes. Occasionally, our research will lead us to wedding registries of the athlete's we're reviewing. Dan Haren, Josh Beckett, Jay Cutler and of course Brian McCann all had wedding registries readily available for the public to find and shop on. Hell, Jose Bautista had a baby registry online. If you ask us, the days of tough economies and 500 point losses on the DOW, it comes across as poor taste multi-millionaires to be registering for gravy boats and wine glasses.

Apparently, Steph Curry and his girlfriend Ayesha Alexander agreed with us.

In one of the classier moves we've seen reported in recent memory, Stephen and his new wife Ayesha Alexander have asked guests to donate to www.ThanksUSA.org in lieu of wedding gifts for the newlyweds. ThanksUSA supports active duty military personnel across all branches of the military, by awarding scholarships to their children and spouses.

Congratulations to the couple and specifically to Steph Curry's wife Ayesha Alexander for forgoing the tradition. We applaud your effort, and certainly hope that more will follow in your footsteps.

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5 Responses to “Stephen Curry's wife Ayesha Alexander and the classiest move we can remember”

  1. Mattie

    Wow, this is really the most unselfish act. Unlike many wealthy couples, they thought of other people. Its truly an awesome thing to look beyond youself. I wish them much success in their marriage, God Bless!!

  2. S Workman

    Welcome (passed due) to NorCal.

    It's a special part of the world and and you as special people are a great and talented addition.


  3. Connie Lightfoot

    I love it! What a blessing you two are to this world. God bless you and your family!

  4. Cool but LOL

    Cool act...but smart too instead of being stuck with a bunch of gifts you don't need/want as his income can but them virtually anything they want

  5. Debbie marrone

    In a world where self comes first, thank you for putting others ahead of yourselves. You all are a rare couple in today's spotlight! Keep others always before self and God will definitely bless your marriage because that is what He does! Continue to live your faith so others see what a true Christian marriage looks like! God bless and we love you both!