Stephen Curry’s fiancee Ayesha Alexander


  1. Jill

    She and himare too damn young to have a child and even be married. She is a typical high yellow girl she only married himfor the money and the easy life. Hell I am attracted went graduated fromcollegebut while I was there I was always passed up by athletes. She probably begged him to marry her to have a easy life she is the typical southern girl. I am from the city we do not beleive in marrying early she was engaged at 19 but they were having sex in damn college. People should bring their kids up better.

  2. Tster

    Get a life. You don’t know her either one. Stop the self hate. No city girls just believe in getting pregnant with several baby daddy. So you never had sex prior to getting married?

  3. Asia

    I think they are onr of rhr most beaut couple in professio sports…and their darling little girl is the cherry on top!

  4. Soraya

    I love your cooking show but as a stepen curry fan we would love to see more of him and little Riley is adorable and you speak very well and clear u make black women feel good the only thing we ask is that u treat steph right bcz he is ameriias sweetheart and I know how u Aries women are you all want to treat a man like a child and if you really love steph with all your heart then I am truly happy for you and stop using that pregnancy as an issue to get attention we know who u are you are just four months u over playing steph loves you for you stop tweeting about what you are craving you are only four months good grief

  5. joanne

    I never have been interested in basket ball until I heard so much about a player named Stephen Curry.? I am now fascinated with the game. I would love to meet the two of you at a game sometime.? I am a Grand-Mother of four. Tell your husband, I’d love to see one of his games. Sincerely, Joanne Greenwood

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