Klay Thompson’s girlfriend Shaila Singh


  1. Pamela someone

    She has been in pageants because I’m the one that put her in them. I am hey mother and they are not what she is all about. She is smart AND gorgeous. She graduated San Francisco state just a couple weeks ago with her master’s degree in special education and primarily working with blind children.

  2. Donna Smylie

    Congratulations to both Klay and Shaila

    Congratulations to both Klay and Shaila!

    I do not have the privilege of knowing them up close and personal; however, I am a die hard Warriors fan. They are awesome. I feel that Klay doesn’t get enough credit for the great player he is and becoming better each season.

    I will google Shaila and gather more information on her. Just from this article, I feel that they both humble servants and that is a quality I admire.


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