Klay Thompson’s Girlfriend Hannah Stocking


  1. The City

    They might have broken up already. They deleted pictures of each other from their respective Instagrams. Not that that’s clear indication, but y’know.

  2. Pasc

    I’m in love with hannah stocking. Anyone who knows her personally or has been in a relationship with her should be thankful everyday of their life

  3. karen

    Hi Guys
    Never mind what the world says take your time getting hooked to anyone. You’re young and have a lifetime to think of making a family and getting married etc.
    You just don’t want the drama and distraction at this time when you’re on your way up. The wrong woman can pull you right down.
    Be careful to always be circumspect and beware of the phones, tablets, pictures,recordings at every turn could be damaging.

    One last thing – stay away from those who always seem to get hooked up to a star. Bad News!

  4. brenda pacinabao

    I love Warriors Team, I love Klay Thompson, his lovelife happens also to an ordinary person, meaning this is normal scenario.. Love you Klay

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