Jason Maxiell’s wife Brandi Maxiell


  1. Michelle

    Has Brandi&Jason thought about being spokespeople for Ovarian Cancer. I lost my mother to ovarian cancer and I am very active in my local area on ovarian cancer education. With both of them as noticable people this should be a great help in education to the public that cancer is not an age or color.
    May Brandi hit her 5yr mark!!!

  2. D929

    Brandi.. I am from Detroit.. I saw your story on Basketball Wives on E! Im sooo happy for you and happy that you are cancer free. My dad had cancer.. I am so happy to hear you are fine. Im happy to hear about you and jason.. I wish you two all the best and luck and love.

  3. A realist

    Finally a couple with pure love and devotion in their love story. Wew and their BLACK YEA!!! She is a beatiful person with hair or without and she looks full of life. God BLESS them

  4. michael

    Wow!! what a good dude! that’s really an awesome example of how a man should be towards the woman in his life! All of us as men need to never take one day with her for granted, and when she goes through hardship we have to be there to strengthen her. Good Job Jason!

  5. Veronica

    May God heal this beautiful women thats going thru the fight her life. May your body be healed and filled with life just keep flashing that pretty smile and staying positive I wish you and your family best of luck.

  6. Lavene Williams

    Hello Family, Jason,Brandi, and son .keeping always in are prayers .Talk
    With cousin James on Tuesday he said cousin Pat was sick.yes we are watching you on BASKETBALL LA. LOVE cousins Ca. LAVERNE Williams and Family

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