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Dirk Nowitzki's Girlfriend Jessica Olsson



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08/01/2012: So did they or didn't they? No one really knows.
Despite rampant speculation, and dozens of pictures of Dirk in traditional African dress, the Dallas Mavericks are denying all reports and told the Dallas Morning News that no wedding date has been set yet. At this point, it's pretty safe to assume that the couple is either married, or will be eventually. I doubt we'll see much more confirmation one way or another.

07-17-2012: And the transformation is complete. Dirk Nowitzki is now married to Jessica Olsson, finally shutting the door entirely on the Cristal Ann Taylor portion of his life forever. The rumor on the street is that the couple is having two separate ceremonies, a traditional African ceremony for Jessica's mother's family and another in Germany. Congrats to Dirk for having a wife that isn't batshit crazy.

04-03-2012: Dirk Nowitzki has confirmed that he and Jessica Olsson are now engaged. On an interview with the BaD (Bob and Dan) show on Dallas SportsRadio 1310, Dirk admitted that he had infact recently popped the question. While he didn't provide a ton of details, any time we can get confirmation out of the mouth of the athlete, we're prone to trusting it.

This may have been a nerve wracking proposal for Dirk. Admittedly, Dirk's been down this path before and it didn't end quite as well, so we certainly wish the couple much greater success than he experience in his last go round.

Despite Dirk's prowess on the court, Dirk hasn't always had the same success off it, or in the bedroom. Remember his crazy, convict ex girlfriend/fiancee who was rumored pregnant with Dirk's spawn, but then turned out she was lying? Yeah, us too.
Fast forward one year, and things are looking much, much brighter for our tall German friend who saved the world by slaying LeBron. With his first championship under his belt, rumors are swirling that Dirk is ready to propose to his smokeshow Swede girlfriend of just over a year - we say make Jessica Olsson into Mrs. Dirk Nowitzki ASAP. Sadly, not much more is known about Dirk Nowitzki's girlfriend Jessica or her possible upgrade to Dirk Nowitzki's wife. In the meantime, look at more pics over at WorldRedEye.com as well.

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  1. jeff

    the whites do well in swiming lifting wrestling shot put basketball hasnt been our strong point im sorry to see dirk bring his genes to the other sidewe can use all the help we can getin that sport

  2. misty

    so many white players with blac girls now

  3. Silk

    Good Luck Dirk! The blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice....She's cute:)wink....

  4. Phil

    "so many white players with black girls now"

    You can thank marxist feminism for that. So many European American women have embraced feminism, making them unmarriageable. No man wants to marry a woman with an anti-male attitude. Or a woman who is constantly competing with her husband. Most European American men want a feminine woman, no some wannabe man. Good men don't want women covered in tatoos who burp out the alphabet while falling down drunk in the street. And no man wants a woman who is just looking for an alimony check and child support. It shouldn't be like this. Sad.

  5. not phil

    Hey phil you worthless nazi, did it ever occur to you that it could be simply love that draws people together, and not the imagined socio-political drama you seem to think?

  6. chris

    races have been mixing for centuries phil. white black.latinos and asians are mixing creating beautiful people. get over it. get yourself a asian girl then.

  7. amanda h.

    Good for them that is so awesome. And what does it matter if they are different races? The only thing that should matter is that they are happy together.

  8. Ty

    Phil you should do you're research first. Majority of the white women chose black players, so now that its a white player who fell in love with a beautiful black women its a race issue? We are all mixed with something so get over it! You're opinion belongs on a different planet because we don't need ignorant people who still looks at race as an issue! Love is love ...Am I at risk because my white husband fell in love with me a black women ...no

  9. Dirk Fan

    Wow. Racist comments toward a man who's just gotten married?

    Good luck to he & his wife. They'll need it when facing imbeciles like the the 2 commenters.

  10. Veronica

    A white Basket baller player choose to be with a with a black women, no body should be raping slick because half of these Black basketball payers choose to be with white women. When its the other way around it doesn't feel to good right funny.....

  11. james phil M

    that's good what matters to me is dirk's performance. good luck ..... i'll be always support you my idol!!!

  12. Judy farley

    Dirk is our favorite basketball player and we would love to see photos of his baby girl !

  13. Tonya

    So, a white man marrying a black women means that there is something wrong with white women? All of them? Really? I guess as a black women I stupid to think a white man could like me just because.

  14. Erin Bloodworth

    I love you Dirk Nowitizki husband
    I love you Jessica olsson wife married moving to House

  15. EZ Rawlins

    My gosh, she is GORGEOUS! D@MN! (Sigh). Black players coming up with all kinds of excuses why they date/marry 'others' - Black women are this, Black women are that - and meanwhile Dirk goes out and finds a QUEEN! Go 'head, Dirk! Beautiful wife. Great rebound, too - that other chick was cray-cray.

  16. James price

    go girl ! God bless!

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