Tyronn Lue’s Girlfriend – A PlayerWives Recommendation


  1. BooCourt

    Huh? Who the hell is THIS? The best you can do for a championship-winning coach is some dude’s baby mama? FOH with THAT b.s. Lue deserves a queen – not someone else’s sloppy seconds.

  2. Lola

    That’s wonderful! If he does date a woman name Tyra. How come there are, no pictures of her with him? Or none with him with her? It must not be that serious! Or he’s just dating random women…because if I’m serious with anyone or dating them for a while we will have pictures together and be out in Public Together, there would not be a secret about our relationship. Just like all the other stars/athletes be out with wives or girlfriend and have photos out, saying that they are a couple…He’s always out and about by himself or with guys or family. And he lives in Las Vegas where almost anything goes….And as soon as he gets a Coaching Job, he will be up….I’ll believe it, when I see it!!!

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