Let’s finally ask the question: Was Delonte West really dating Gloria James?


  1. John

    After one Celtic’s game last year I was waiting around to meet some players. I began chatting with a very nice young girl who was in college and her mother, Delante’s family. Then I chatted with a nice women who was a DC motorcycle policewomen. She identified herself as Delonte’s girlfriend.

  2. Ruby Blanks

    I think it was their business not Lebron”s or the public. after all both Gloria and Dela.nte are of age

  3. yvette tapplar

    It is nobody’s’ business, but Delonte West and Gloria James should have thought about Lebron her son and his friend before they did what they did. Gloria was there to support her son in his career and not to embarrass him in front of his team mates and coaches! I love Lebron like a son even though I have not personally met him. He is a excellent basketball player and the best in the world!

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