Kyrie Irving’s girlfriend Natalia Garibotto


  1. Essence

    Basic white chick…that is all…and look at the tagline “Brazilian & living in beautiful Miami ☀ Beauty & Brains ladies, stupid isn’t cute. Trust NO man, fear NO bitch”

    how the hell she swing a #1 draft pick…if she can do it anyone can…next!

  2. Veronica

    All those white women should suck all dese sad low self-a-steam black men dry out of all there money. Dese white women don’t love you all they love the lifestyle you can provide. It look so bad embarrassing to the black race. A race cant survive with out the man. the man in the strength of a race, that’s one of the main reasons the black race is one of the least well off of races.

  3. Shane

    @ Veronica

    Your and jealously & bitterness is showing. U don;t know either of them or who she loves. No wonder so many black women tend to be less desired than other women.

  4. K.B

    Bottom of the barrel for a Brazilian. Usually, they’re way prettier than this one even the hookers in Rio.

  5. Michael

    haha love the amount of white women scoopin up these black athletes. truly is funny. highly amusing that once these athletes get some money, they ditch their fat ass fried chicken “sistas”

  6. MiMi

    Actually Michael MOST black athletes still have black wives/girlfriends. And I also include Light skinned African American and mixed race Black as African American as do most Americans. Just because the media only shows you Chloe and Lamar doesn’t mean that the majority of black athletes are married to non black women. For once I wish racist commenters would do their research and not just spew out ugly racist myths and lies, based on their hatred and superiority complex.

    @Shane, Amongst Black women White men are least desired, often, Black women will date a White man as a last resort because they are unable to find a Black man of their same educational and socio-economic level. Please do not think that was an insult because truthfully, the feeling is mutual.

  7. Guess Who

    You can’t just put this one on black guys. Look at Halle Berry, Tyra Banks, Eve, Janet Jackson etc. all of them with white men too. What’s your excuse for that? Let him date who he wanna date. With his ball player status he’s probably tried all colors of the rainbow. I ain’t mad at him

  8. Chris

    Nat is far from basic… And to esquire. She was born in Brazil where last is checked they are considered Spanish and some of the original African American slave colonies where so I’m pretty sure she is more black then your hating ass.

  9. Chris

    Oh and btw she’s not a model in Brazil she just a student trying to become an business woman. Her family has money and she does not need or ask KI for dough. But it’s funny with the amount of hate on a black man cause he is dating a Latina. That’s prob the reason y’all African American women are just mad at the world and think you are owed

  10. Donnie

    I’m black and trust @Chris I am not mad at anyone. White men can be DOGS just like black men. He can do it to whoever he wants. And as far the fried chicken comment @michael, stop hating and get ya weight up. They may be seen with these white girls but trust honey, there is nothing like a black women.

  11. liz

    Another black dummy, less of a man….keeping the White man feeling inferior….end of the Black kings in 2014 WOW

  12. no name

    Funny all these comments on race and Kyrie and he cares about it none. Looks like jealousy to me. Black women can drive us black men away. So can white women. Problem is not race….never has been. Problemos the way society is changing. Problem is social media and reality shows, facebook, and stupid ass Twitter and instagram. I am married to a black woman as a black man and it had nothing to do with her being the same race. It’s caller loveand relationship. Over 10 years strong with kids. I would take my wife over any dumb ass woman stupid enough to out hers out there like that anyway.

  13. no name

    Kyrie should just date for now at 21 he’s too young to marry her. He’s one in a million as a multitmillionaire already in life. With fame and wealth he will see many beautiful women in the next five to ten years. In his case I do he should entertain a worthy sister first,but like it or not Brazilian women are some of the hottest in the world;besides, she comes from a Portugese and African culture in Brazil that have live in harmony for a few centuries,unlike here in the US where blacks were made inferior for centuries through harsh slavery. Brazilians do not have the cultural and racial divide that exists here in America,there they intermingle without prejudices. If she was an american white model or entertainer she would not be caught dead dating a black man even though he’s rich. It doesn’t faze her because she’s from a different culture. So “Don’t Blame it on Rio”

  14. blackbushido

    You know what’s sad,most people black or white,but mainly black will spend the rest of their lives being a color and miserable!! We can never just be Happy that a black man isn’t in jail,killing someone,robbing someone!! He’s a black man and successful!! God bless and good luck to you both Kyrie!!

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