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Kyrie Irving's girlfriend Ashley Bishop



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02/04/2013: We've since learned that Kyrie and Ashley have split up, and that he's on to a new girl, Natalia Garibotto. We're on it, and expect a post coming shortly. - PW.com

We apologize in advance for the extremely meta, behind the curtain post. However, it can be difficult to pin down details on the dating life of professional athletes before they're married. Without having an official wife listed on a player bio, or a girlfriend in the scope of the paparazzi, finding out about an athlete's girlfriend can be all but impossible. Fortunately, in the age of social media, Twitter has become our best friend.

Take Kyrie Irving's girlfriend Ashley Bishop for example. We were originally tipped off that the two may be dating, but despite our best efforts, we found virtually no information to support this allegation. We did discover a couple other gossip sites which ran posts with the same amount of information we had at first, basically nothing more than the rumor that the two were dating. In an effort to pin down some information on the reigning NBA Rookie of the Year, and only hope Cleveland has, we pressed on. Enter Twitter. After an extensive review of the 700+ combined accounts that the two follow, we learned one thing: Both Kyrie Irving and Ashley Bishop follow each other on Twitter.

Now, this isn't even remotely close to concrete proof, but it does make us raise an eyebrow and continue our search even deeper. We did a little more digging, and found pictures taken of Kyrie and Ashley being taken together. Still not indisputable proof, but we're getting there.

Unfortunately from there the trail runs cold. We did see Ashley in courtside seats taking pics of Irving at home, and we also learned of a stay at The Four Seasons, with her unidentified, "baby." Beyond that, we're out. We'll keep an eye out to see if things work out here, but remember, they're both college aged kids so a lot can change. Stay tuned...........

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