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Kevin Love's girlfriend Elise Novak



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Kevin Love is the greatest basketball player in the world. I can safely declare this after dealing Dirk for him 3 years ago in my fantasy hoops league when he was still on the bench under the evil dictator Kurt Rambis. I had faith in him. I love the man. I wish I was his girlfriend, except for the fact that I'm a 30 year old, straight married white guy.

Kevin Love's girlfriend Elise Novak proves that clearly prefers the alternatives to dating me. Elise was a cheerleader and member of the dance team at UCLA, where she and Kevin met and began dating. The relationship has continued through his career in Minnesota where he frequently flies her out to see him.

In 2008, Sports Illustrated interviewed her in their SI On Campus feature. Elise was asked about her likes and dislikes, where the Pre-med student announced that her favorite class was physics, her best physical feature was her smile, and that she was a very good golfer before she focused on cheering and dancing.

Kevin Love's girlfriend Checklist: Cheerleader, pre-med student, golfer. Check, check, check. Well done, Kevin.

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  1. Yo

    I hope that is sarcasm.

  2. [...] surprise here. Love grew up in Southern California and went to UCLA. His smokeshow girlfriend is a former UCLA [...]

  3. Same Ol' Dude

    Kevin Love did not grow up in SoCal, he is from Lake Oswego, Oregon.

  4. [...] and he knows exactly where all the parties are. That is the recipe for recruiting success. And yes, Love has a smoke show girlfriend, but it never hurts to have a few more ladies around to make the landing spot look [...]

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