Was LeBron James’ dating Carmen Ortega?


  1. Chelsea804

    I read those text messages and the interview she did what that blog and it doesn’t equal out. Text messages say that she would be in LA on Saturday morning but in the interview she said she got to LA on Thursday. Text says LeBron was shooting a commercial on Saturday but he actually did the commercial a few days ago in Miami, not LA. Carmen said that Lebron left LA on Thursday or Friday but he posted a pic with Russell Westbrook at dinner on Saturday, he was still in LA! Text message says that Lebron didn’t know when he’d be back in Miami, interview says that he’d be back after the ESPYs. He definitely left LA and went straight in China for his Nike tour after the ESPYS. The text messages makes it seem as if they knew each other for a while but from what she claimed happened at dinner in LA seems as if they had just meet. These allegations cannot be true!!!

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