Michael Jordan’s wife Yvette Prieto


  1. hazel mack

    mike i am gonna kick ur ass, i mean juanita was light bright and dam near white, so u just had 2 go do it. well she alright but seriously guys i think kenyon martin has the hottest, prettiest girlfriend of all, they look good 2gether, and dam hes hot, shes hot, sexy, both 2gether make all yall lokk like shit go head kenyon, enjoy that hooker, but dont marry her she is not wifey material she is good 4 a good time, but she looks like she is a golddigga 4 a nigga, but she is hot and cute and yall have sexual chem 2gether, but get a smart wife. sorry 4 that but i did give u guys the best , hottest couple. hazel mack/b-mores finest.

  2. jazz

    shame on u mike..ayyy he bored with life went down as a legend too bad the community shaking our head at u with this one…ya wife was a diamond now u messin with a gem u a fool but u will always be my favorite ball player ever!

  3. John Doe

    Man y’all some RACIST motherfuckers! I mean SERIOUSLY?! It’s 2011 and we have a half-Black/half-White man who’s president and all you bitches wanna get mad at Mike for being down with the swirl? Do the rest of the human race a favor and kill yourselves!

  4. Gill

    It’s a dam shame all these black women are on here hating because he’s dating a cuban not white girl, whats wrong you mad because these NBA player’s don’t wanna deal with all you black womens high maitenance asses maybe if most of you bitches weren’t goldiggers or talked so much shit all the time, black men would give you the time of day, but that will never happen so stay bitter, and SINGLE and hopefully you’ll find a sucker dum enough to put up with your racist asses….

  5. A. De la Rosa

    Words to Gill I am a Cuban woman born in England. Mum is Cuban, dad English & Scottish and believe it there are many of Cubans that are classified as white or black Cubans based on skin tone (she Yvette is a White Cuban) fact!! now why black men in America may or may not date black women is up in the air many reasons but none more different than any other ethic group of women. Spend some time learning about all women, other than skin tone, hair, and features many have have same mentality, maybe Black American women come across more voice-tress but believe me in my culture we have those with attitudes as well, oh and I am married now 19 years to a great guy. Have a lovely one and I am assuming you do not have a daughter, niece, aunt, cousin or mum that may be black??? because those are harsh words to say out loud.

  6. Jack

    Micheal Jordan kmows that white chich only wants his money. White cuban women do not date black men and she will never have his mixed race child. WOW, he played a great game, but will go down in the books as a broke ass black man when it is all over. I know he is paying her big time. You know what they say , there is nothing like a stupid nigger. Black men never make other black people rich. They are always taking the money to help non-blacks, as Michael Jackson, who is a disgrace to Black People.
    It has nothing to do with Black Women, They are fine and great, It’s just black men cannot live up his greatness , so he runs, which has always been the black mans history.

  7. brotha x

    Micheal Jordan is part of the cycle that make black men believe that just because they have money or have fame they have to be with a white women. The white women makes them feel good about themselves laugthing at all his jokes, agreeing with all descisions, and performing every trick sexually possible to pasify him mentally. Some black men try so hard to be excepted by the white world. We still have alot of Uncle Toms in 2012.

  8. Anonymous

    I Co-Sign to John Doe & Gill. I am so sick + tired of you cry baby racist ignorant a$$ uneducated ‘acting’ ass heifers that i can scream & that goes for all you Afro-centric ‘my Black Queen’ syndrome ass niggas as well. Always crying the damn ‘blues’ when a black man step outside his race. like who gives a damn. what da fuck difference should it make if you LOVE someone? you fucking morons. You idiots don’t have a remote clue what Real Love is.

    So here’s what you should do. Live your life according to whatever ‘narrow & shallow minded way’ you wish and let other people live their lives the way they damn well please.

    I just hate ignorance and some of you racist ‘low self-esteem’ motha fuckas are clearly that.

  9. stacey


  10. Anonymous

    please go bact to jj she was and is the best for myou mike I know you still want her I cried when you all got divorced for two days

  11. Veronica

    Every black women on the face of this planet hates Michael Jordan including his daughter all you white bitches can talk your shit about us black women hating and all you black men can keep chasing white pussy. But remember what you reap is what you sue and us black women will have the last laugh to all this hypocritical fake unnatural interracial love it will sooner or later blow up in all you all’s faces and be exposed for what it really is time will tell.

    Ps: Be sure to tell your half black daughters who will be identified as black by society that nobody wants them because their black nagging ignorant high matinence gold digging nappy headed hoes. Cause you will have children with that black man to lock down that money right…..

  12. Burke

    @Gill. You’re so stupid! You’re calling black women gold diggers…like white women who marry wealthy black men aren’t.

  13. Budman67

    OMG, Almost EVERYONE on here is PATHETIC, I mean REALLY, are you reading what you are writing about the GREATEST of ALL TIME. Do you really think he is stupid? If you answer yes, then you are dumber than you sound, and more RACIST.. You should really feel stupid and shamed of yourselves..
    I say, good for you Micheal, I am glad you are with someone who makes you happy, you deserve it, and thank GOD you are smarter than to fall for some stupid Biatch like the ones on here. You have NO class you get no Michael ASS..
    Get a life, and look, he IS still married, so wrong, wrong, wrong… Dumb people..
    Remember Michael was a god, and still, and always will be.. Don’t disrespect the man- how about be happy for him..

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