Derrick Rose’s girlfriend Mieka Reese


  1. case paul

    Hey was up D-rose yu r mi boy mi brother play basket his name chris paul he be telling me all about you .like derrick rose for mvp

  2. he knows

    wow. too bad he’s been fucking me for like almost two years now! Gawd all NBA players are such dogs!

  3. Anonymous

    All of you are whores, why would put something like that on the internet? That you’ve slept around with Derrick Rose, it only making you guys look like groupies.Have some class and respect for yourself.

  4. The Truth

    All of you are whores, why would put something like that on the internet? That you’ve slept around with Derrick Rose, it only making you guys look like groupies.Have some class and respect for yourself.

  5. D-rose UNO fan.

    Lol, wow y’all seriously having an arguement on he f^^^£d. Well clearly that one night stand didn’t mean a thing to Derrick b/c Mieka picture is up there and not y’all!. Get a life goofies.

  6. ROSE


  7. nique

    pleaseeeee if i had sex with derrick rose i wouldnt tell anyone because i would want to keep doing it. loose lips sink ships! remember that ladies. if he taken respect it. just fuck him on the low and know ya place. i’d do it for derrick rose ANY DAY. i would zip my effin lips.

  8. niya

    leave that man alone get a life and stay out of his bissness and quit using foul lauguage and other cusing words

  9. Enga Watson

    I just want to say that Derrick Martell Rose and Mieka J Blackman-Reese looks good together,Mieka has a good head on her shoulder she is an intern for rockawear and her family owns Joy management in Atlanta and they are a young couple just trying to make it.Derrick is only 22 years old and have his whole life ahead of him.I wish him well on his sucess,and i will keep him in my prayers.I hope that he’s happy at everything he do and i hope that he continue to be safe and covered with the blood of jesus.For he is #1 literally.I love your spirit {pooh} aka Derrick.

  10. Bridge

    Wow, I can’t believe the groupies on here. Would you females even care who he was dating or (allegedly) sleep around with him if he wasn’t so rich and famous??? No. Get a life and let the man live his own…

  11. Anonymous

    Rumor also has it that d rose is dating an asian girl from
    colorado…and him and meika are in the processo of breaking
    up..hence not much info is being publicized about their relationship

  12. ella rose

    leave him alone… his living his life…live yours… i have a huge crush on him but i wouldnt ruin him like this… its either he notice your or NOT!!!

  13. Adaja

    First, I love derrick rose even doe i dont know him i would be with him if he was homeless liven on the streets i would be right there with him.So all the girls that are sayin they had sex with him ya’ll must be stuppid i would never te’ll the world my business !!!If ya’ll got that lucky with him ya’ll would’nt be ackin like this so stop it .

  14. tajgibsonfan

    i think that you females on here are really acting stupid…. like really get a life accept the fact that you all had sex with him and leave at that and to be honest im glad that he didnt choose yall loud mouthing females because he would be in deep stuff. im just saying..

  15. dezie howard

    ya know dam well tht derrick rose is my man…..
    he stick hes key into my accelartor and he turned me on!
    tht sex waz so good we both lyked it and we gonna 2 do it again on mi birthday (birthday sex) and wen we see eachother again soooooo… tha 1 whos datin him sooo i advize yu 2 back off groupies…me and derrick rose have a babbi on tha way and we’re tired of pple posting dumb shit about him datin ths gurl there both friends…so wat they know eacotha 4 a while he luvs me and i luv him and its gonna stay lyke tht so bye
    and gurlz who ever said tht yu never put yur business out good job…these gurlz r pushing me and him into a bad temper

  16. hinata

    …you groupies, u beter shut up nd stop destroying d-rose’s image… HE s d #1 nd 4ever be #1.. even how hard ur going 2 ruin him, bt stil u cant..
    Ur rily gr8 derrick… go.. go.. go.. ajah!!! fighting!

  17. Anonymous

    -__- this is too much..all i know is that we have the same b-day
    thats how i noticed him..but as a whole the bulls r wonderful..
    Rose is such a talented player..i wish all of them the best..
    i hope he remains focus and never let other ppl take that “Drive” away
    from him.

  18. ewan

    damn you little Mieka Reese…leave my future husband alone. your not the right girl for him.His to young to have his own baby, your just destroying his good image to the public. Make your own name in your own, don’t use him as your puppet I know and we all know that you are doing this because of fame. You are a BIG SH*T to him. Again Leave him alone. You stupid little Bitch.

  19. Alishis

    This young lady is smart, well educated, GORGEOUS, & it looks like she can hold her own. Good job D Rose!

  20. kaye

    Hey!,if you really admire Derrick Rose,you won’t say such stupid things that could make him upset,and if you love him as a fan,you must be happy for him,if he already have a girlfriend then just cheer up,you better support him all the way,common guys,Derrick still have privacy regarding that thing,it’s too personal for you to get with it…

  21. mary mae

    you know what guys..u can react whatever you want it too..but dont you just think that with all your comments with all your critics on his g-friend would not actually make them ruin their relation…………..

    what we need to do is to support him all the way to the end……..he seems to be nice guy and i think his old enough to choose what he wants in his life.if he wants to marry mieka then let them be…………you know just be happy for the both of them……!
    amazing you derrick and you mieka……….go girl dont mind people who were trying to put you down…just be strong beco’z you got not just the looks but also the heart of a loving and caring person……..

  22. Roxette Ann

    …. finally Pooh is now father! so, Pooh be a good Father to your son/daugther.. if is it true that Mieka is pregnant. It is an advanced warm welcome…

    _God bless guys! …..

    Roxette Ann D. Espinosa
    A FUN

  23. CYNT


  24. terri

    She’s Beautiful, sorry all you haters
    and to all you Women who assume all or most black athletes Marry or date white/non black women – That is what the media likes to focus on, 95% marry black/afro latino which is black. Yes, some may be lighter skinned black women but still BLACK.

    Most stick wth the women they went to High School or College with or grew up/went to church with, I say this because I’m so tired of seeing comments about interracial relationships. There are many white male athletes (ex.Dirk Nowitzki, Nick Collison, Adam Lind and several NFL players can’t remeber all the names) who are married to black women and there is the reverse. Stop SEARCHING FOR VALIDATION by who black men date

  25. melove1derrick

    i really love how derrick rose played basketball and i think he is a nice and cool guy though it hurts me a little to find out that he has found his great love,i would always support chicago bulls and he will always be my number one crush..hehehehehe…go Mr. MVP!

  26. iLoveCandyx3

    These comment had me lauqhinq . Derrick doesn’t have a gf & those girl who said u fucked him , #GetALife .

  27. d-rose #1 fan

    stop all the bad things you are saying ’bout him..he doesn’t deserve it.mind your own business girls..!leave derrick ALONE!!!

  28. d-rose #1 fan

    i love d.rose too..but i wont say a thing like that if i were you girls..oh c’mon..!you’re cheap!!

  29. iluvrose

    i’m a fan of chicago bulls and i love derrick rose..he is awesome and i think he’s a nice stop saying those bad things about my pooh!!!

  30. iluvrose#1

    i love d.rose and it hurts to knw that he already has a grlfriend but i’ll still love and support him cause even though i’ve not met him personally i knw he’s a nice guy!!so stop saying bad things ’bout him!!!
    go derrick rose!go bulls!!!

  31. cupcakeluv

    A year together Mhmmmm I doubt it didn’t he got into a fight with sum football baller cuz of her plus I heard that was her high school sweat heart…. she has a manly face she ugly as fuck she looks so ghetto but HEY she has one of the best nba players lol i still have a crush on him ◎◎◎◎

  32. Meta

    I hope he realizes that this is just the beginning of a very unpredictable career as an entertainer. I hope this is a friendship because she is not wife material. What woman give’s a man a Louis Vuitton shaped cake. I hope he was overly excited about it. How shallow is that to think of something so silly as a theme for a cake to a man, tribute to a designer….. Uuhofffhaaaa

    I PRAY that his head is not in the clouds with this basketball life. Look at Michael Jordan. He’s a great player but his real personality show’s everytime he’s invited to receive any type of award that would be most humbling to most. He’s immature about his comments, not at all funny in most cases when he’s scolding other players at these events and show’s he’s not the mature man you would expect him to be. Fame has not humbled him much. You would know that it did if he were still married to his wife.

    This life we all live comes and goes in a flash for most. But material things are so temporary. Plastic people just melt away in time.

  33. Elaine

    I just got done reading the other comments and I must say a lot of you females sound like haters. For the ones who claim they have had sexual relation with D.Rose I believe your telling lies,and if you did how about keeping it to yourself. I think Meika is beautiful and they make a pretty couple. Yes .D.Rose is fine but I’m not trying break up a good thing you females find a man on your own and leave Mieka’s alone!!!!!

  34. she

    what’s happening here?you guys better shut up,all i can say is that mieka is not the right girl for him..i dont like her sorry,she’s not pretty and sexy at all!

  35. Opal Johnson

    O.K. ladies, stop bashing these two young people, who are trying to make something of their lives. Would u be happy if she was white? I don’t think so. Let them share something beautiful together to share with the whole world. Jay-Z isn’t cute neither. Stay strong Derrick and Mieka and may God Bless you and ur little one. Love Always!!!!!

  36. Hepburn

    “She’s not even cute, he can do better.” ?? I find it redundant when people comment on someone’s looks as if that’s the most important thing about them. You can be in a car crash tomorrow and your whole life…and face can change. Transcend through superficiality people.

  37. V.C.U

    I am so heart broken, It would be a lie if I said I wasn’t.I am your Biggest Fan Mister Rose and I truly wish you and Meika the best. I Dont know much about her but I hope she makes you happy. Sucks it couldn’t have been me lol Just saying :-)

    Now Focus and bring home the gold, ill be rooting for ya :-)

  38. ????

    I don’t know how many of you all went to school but the grammatical errors here are ridiculous. Being ignorant is not cute. And everyone needs to mind their business. His personal life has absolutely nothing to do with YOU.

  39. Joan

    Derrick i hope u read this while u r at home in bed hurt. I have love you as a son since u were in Memphis, u been my boy since then, and i am so happy for you and your girl whatever you do is alright with me. You are a great player and u just act like u love what u r doin, n u dnt get mad about nothing. When u came bck from the game in Memphis and u said that u were sorry that we din’t win, i thought that were so sweet and u been my boy every since. So u got another mother here in Arkansas that love u 2 death. Get well and get plenty of rest this summer, love u man. I am so sorry this happen to u so early in your career, but things happen n u will be o’kay. Come bck strong.

  40. iloveDerrick#1

    I’M JEALOUS =(
    but i’ll support you all the way.. God bless you, Mieka, and your little one.
    Praying for your fast recovery.. I know you’ll be back better and stronger than ever!!
    i love you Pooh! <3

  41. Jean

    You women or girls are so ignorant. I don’t believe any of you have slept with D. Rose. His girlfriend is pretty if a person is not high yellow with a long weave you want to call her ugly. Grow up ignorant people

  42. Danielle

    If she isnt white or yella with a big ass and make up to doll up all of africa , you dummies say that she is ugly and he can do better. I guess she needs to look like kim kartrashian before you shallow people will consider her good enough , then you trashcans would be the first talking if she were all about his money as we say in aggtown kill it or feel it. Which means its not your business to care so shut up groupie

  43. Molly

    I know the people calling her ugly are white chicks and some sad pathetic black women but mostly white women…they hate to see that most of the NBA players are with black women, it kills them and they’re not with biracials..regular black girls..I had a debate with a white girl and I had to keep referring her to this site and other because she kept saying they were all with white girls like her…when she saw the women she said they were all ugly except the white/latina ones..
    The truth hurts

  44. Rick James

    Can you people just let D Rose live his life i mean none of you spelt with him so just deal with him and his girl having a kid
    He didn’t want you groupies

  45. diva65298

    derrick rose and his girlfriend are a great couple they should be happy with their baby he so cute one day you guys should get married i think you will be a lovely couple and a pray for you to have a good life like people should i didnt mean to put diva as my name but i didnt want to be put my real name because their are a lot of crazy people around here but if you want to know me a little better you can text my gmail account im only 11 and my birthday is october 23 2001 and this is for derrick rose you use to go to Edward Beasley Elementary Magnet Academic Center how i know because when i go to art class MR.Carter he has a picture of you with your team playing basketball you derrick rose got my dreams up and you the one that made me that i can believa my self that i know that i can and i know somebody from your past i want tell you she tells me all about you and she used to go to the same school you used to go to and know i go to that school i heard from her that you were very popular and all the girls like you i like you but not like love like these other girls saying that they had sex with you im not them because i have respect for everybody including you always it would be nice if you came up to the school and meet people go to every class room and make sure you have guards we have a new principal her name is Kim Brasefield and i love you derrick rose as a bother not as a lover like them other girls remember im not them

  46. Guest Star

    (Sigh). Best woman D-Rose has ever dated. Should’ve stopped while he was ahead. Now he’s with a self-hating idiot who says the thing she hates most in the world is ‘Black People’ DESPITE THE FACT SHE’S PART BLACK. Unbelievable idiocy. Yeah D-Rose, you had a prize and didn’t realize it but hey, it happens to the best of us…

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