Nicolas Batum’s wife Melanie Batum


  1. Shandy

    They broke up last summer. No longer a couple. She never returned to the USA for the 2013-2014 season.

  2. Samy Jones

    WRONG ! He’s not married with this witch anymore cuz they’re divorced and he’ll be daddy in few months with his new wife he seems very happy and he’s a great player for our team ?? thank you Lord

  3. MP

    She’s actually not hif wife anymore. Good for her!
    Batum is now with a stupid French girl, a long-time groupie who tried to date any basketball player in France for years, ex-friend of Batum ex-girlfriend (!), mother of 2 daughters with a regular guy, left them all in Paris to live the NBA life.
    She’s stupid, but I guess Batum is far more stupid.

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