12/31/13 (Updated)

Kevin Garnett's Wife Brandi Garnett

KG is a terrifying man on the court. Anyone want to dispute that?

Didn't think so.

Apparently though, by the looks of what he's been able to do off the court he's a different man. Kevin Garnett is married to Brandi Garnett (formerly Brandi Padilla), where they were betrothed in a private ceremony in California in 2004. The wedding was actually the impetus to him missing the 04 Athens Olympics. Brandi is the sister-in-law to famed Def Jam music producer Jimmy Jam Harris, as her sister Lisa Padilla is married to him.

The couple currently resides in a $4.6 Million, 8,000 square foot home in Concord, MA. They have one child together, whose given name we do not know (and trust me,... we've looked). KG is fiercely guarded over his private life, and has only called his daughter by a couple of nicknames like Peanut or Boo Boo. By now, you've probably seen a Garnett post game interview which he always caps off with a stern warning to his daughter "Go to bed, Boo Boo." So what's the deal with the nicknames anyways, Kevin? In an interview with the Huffington Post, he explains:

That’s my way of having code in speaking to the people that mean the most to me. And them not having their own personal names out, because I’m a nickname freak, and a lot of times when I’m doing an interview I always like to say hello, but sometimes I just throw the nickname in there and they know exactly who they are."

On a personal note, the guys running and writing this site are privileged to attend a ton of Celtics games. In our travels, we've seen Brandi Garnett a few times. She is unequivocally even more attractive in person. Congrats to KG. Seriously, dude.

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30 Responses to “Kevin Garnett's Wife Brandi Garnett”

  1. daniebear

    Wow KG's wife is ridiculously prettty like seriously.

  2. mimi

    so cute

  3. Sunshine

    Beautiful happy couple

  4. Not a Hater

    That girl is a STRAIGHT 10, whoever gave her an 8 was straight hating.

  5. yellowgirl310

    I'm sorry this is the prettiest lady on the whole entire site. Garnette got all the athletes and rappers beat.

  6. pinkbear

    Funny, I wonder who decided she was less than a 9. That's how you know they have haters because that lady is flawless.

  7. KG Hit da Jack Pot

    DDDDDAAAAAAAMMMMNNNNNNNNNN Where da F**k he find her? it ain't even none like dat on TV. KG hit da MUTHA F**KIN JACKPOT wit dis 1 rt here & she got all her clothes on, it's hard to be a bomb @$$ F**K wit ya clothes on. She fly than a MUTHA F**ka though.

    She still wit him? nevahmind dumb question, nobody lettin her fine @$$ go.



    i'm a FEMALE & I can't even stop looking at her. GORGEOUS is not even the word! He is LUCKY but so is she. FLYY AND RICH. Not that it should matter, but i wonder what her ethnicity is?


  9. Jeff

    Finest black woman I ever seen...


    love is a beautiful blessing!!!!!!!!!!! God is great.

  11. kg fan

    kg has the sexiest black skin I have never seen anybody as dark as him and it is so beautiful I know she is loving that!

  12. lady

    She is beautiful. I wish them the best.

  13. patricia Padilla

    Of course she beautiful she is a Padilla, you shoud see some of gals in the family

  14. Latoya greenwood

    I think they make a wonder couple. Garnett, I love BOSTON, and I love your game. You both make one of the most beautiful couple I have ever seen I know there are plenty people out there who would love to be in your shoes as well as hers. Good luck to you both.........

  15. Anonymous

    you got one of the hottest wives in the nba, treat her right!

  16. Anonymous

    Love you game KG, wish you and your family blessings, stay
    together forever you look good together. Good luck to you
    and the C's. I watch you every game you play.

  17. carolyn

    Love you game KG, wish you and your family blessings, stay
    together forever you look good together. Good luck to you
    and the C's. I watch you every game you play.

  18. John Doe


  19. Judith

    Beautiful couple....Luv the picture where you're hugged up dressed in black...May God bless your marriage:)

  20. RJROCK

    She does look good. kobe's wife got sum competition lol.

  21. keesha

    You guys are a wonderful couple?

  22. lola

    i am short for my age too

  23. The Black Archilles

    Who said money can't buy happiness.
    What's real, lets see if they are together
    once the money stops flowing.
    That's real Love.

  24. demetriusbabyluther

    Wish them the best happy. Life

  25. Helen

    Boston Celtics is one of my two favorite teams beside my home team the Sixers. The players on the Celtics are all a class act in my opinion. I had to comment here she is stunning! I love to see success in which they are married and private. He knows what professionalism entails. Unlike the rest who make choices and decisions in life that are trashy. Love them!



  27. Anton G Hamilton

    Heaven is missing an Angel..

  28. Ron

    I got juicy dirt on someone

  29. Michael banahan
  30. Michael banahan

    Mrs .garnet I am a first responder At 911 NYC corrections ! My wife & I. Have mad love for k g @ u !! My wife is manny sokol n ba ref daughter. Kg plays with his heart !! If he needs some one to Kick it I am avaibile!!