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UPDATE 08/10/2014: We're taking a break from our normal conversation about Tony Stewart's girlfriend, and this update certainly isn't about speculating on Kevin Ward's girlfriend. Tragedy struck the track in Canandaigua, NY Saturday night, when 20 year old driver Kevin Ward Jr was struck and killed by Tony Stewart.

After being involved in a wreck, Ward exited his car and was walking across the track. Stewart came around a turn fishtailing and was unable to stop striking Ward and sending him into the air. He was later pronounced dead.

Stewart still plans to race at Sundays race at Watkins Glen, a much needed race in the chase for the cup. Ontario County Sheriff Philip Povero said there is no open investigation, and that Stewart is "visibly shaken by this accident."

Our thoughts are with all of Kevin Ward's family and friends, as well as Stewart in this time.

One of the first NASCAR posts we ever wrote during our infancy of the site was about Tony Stewart's girlfriend Jessica Zemken. While very little was known about the couple, we did know enough then that online speculation was insufficient to establish a true relationship.

Fast forward five years, and it's pretty apparent that Jessica Zemken is (or at least was) Tony Stewart's girlfriend. Zemken is a 28 year old, Sprint Cup and World Of Outlaw driver who also attended Hudson Valley Community College. It's not entirely clear how long the two were together, as the official start to their relationship is likely blurred. There is plenty of chatter that the couple was first a mentor/mentee relationship between the uber successful Stewart and the fledgling rookie Zemken.

As many of these speculative romances go, rumors of their demise are as quick and seemingly viable as their start. Since early 2011, there has been more speculation that the couple has split up. In an interview before a New Hampshire race, Stewart said:

"We got rid of some dead weight earlier this week, so it made it a lot easier. It's been a big weight lifted off our shoulders. Just sometimes you have to make adjustments in your life, and we did that and it has definitely helped."

"Dead weight," became fodder for media and drivers alike. ESPN even ran a column speculating on what exactly the dead weight in question was after comedic exchanges with other drivers like Brad Keselowski and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Earnhardt asks aloud what everyone else was thinking:

"I wonder what he did? Maybe I should go ask. … I don't know what he did, whether he broke up with his girlfriend or fired somebody."

While we thrive on interpreting the meaning of intentionally ambitious statements, Stewart made it clear when telling SB Nation about his breakup, "She drives for me, so I guess I'll see her again"

Sounds to us like Tony Stewart's girlfriend is now just Tony Stewart's driver.

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52 Responses to “Tony Stewart's girlfriend Jessica Zemken”

  1. Cherry

    She's ugly.

  2. Yeah Right

    *snooze* Get a life...bed partner if even that!

  3. Sue

    might want to check your facts She is a sprint car driver not a sprint cup driver

  4. thinds

    Not a factual error so much as a typo, but thank you.

  5. Shelley

    Jessica looks like a plump cabbage patch doll. What does Tony see in her???She is frickin uglcy

  6. Melinda higgins

    Bartender that waited on her tonight. Super sweet and super sweet.

  7. Dale

    Well Tony is no model ether Talk about being fat! I think heard that his Monkey balled out on him!

  8. Molly

    She is hot... you know you can really throw a dis out the window when the jerk can't even spell "uglcy"

    Go Jessica! <3 your #1 fan!!!

  9. Your Friend

    My buddy banged her at one of her parties at her apartment next to HVCC a few years back. He's a sprint car driver too. She was very nice. Had fun at her party till I puked my brains out on her back porch. Who cares what tony see's in here. He is fucking disgusting looking lol.

  10. cHEVYjR

    Tony is " the man" He still is cute and u haters need to go somewhere else an dis.... she is alright just a kid, dont think Tony is doin her she is just drivin 4 him !!! way 2 young.

  11. Mobley

    I saw her race every Sunday at Utica-Rome Speedway in 2004. She took the track championship. She was 17 at the time. She's a hell of a driver. If they are an item more power to them.

  12. Dale

    Tony should stick with the monkeys, He's a fat slob

  13. jeff k

    actually, shes cute in person, just looks chubby in all her pics

  14. turfsurfer85

    I agree she's not all that, but I also believe they're a match in racing; not in bed

  15. tonyfan

    Does it really matter what any of us think? He's an almost 40yr old man who is probably capable of deciding who and what he wants to do in life.

  16. F Helms

    I know from inside sources that Tony and Jessica are a couple.

    I know from inside sources that Tony and Jessica are a couple.

  17. CINDY

    this girl is fat FAT TONY GET A LIFE

  18. CINDY


  19. David Willis

    I've met her and she is neither fat nor ugly, as some here have said. Jessica is DAMN HOTTTT!!! Even my wife wants to do her!

  20. harleybidness

    Sad that so many people never learned that they should not say anything if they can't find something nice to say.

    For myself, it's a good feeling to see people who enjoy being together. Tony is a good guy, but very tough to get along with. She smiles big when she sees him. It seems genuine to me. And, for that, I hope that they have fun together and that how ever things turn out, that it is good for both of them.

    your neighbor, harleybidness :-)

  21. Heather

    Jessica's looks aside, she is a horrible human being. I can guarantee you that she doesn't love Tony, but rather his money and sprint cars. She managed to get a sprint ride after 'spending the night' with Tony in his motor home. If a better sprint car ride turns up, she'll jump ship and try and sleep her way into another car.
    A total gold digger.

  22. LadyZig

    You can tell who the kiddies are and who the grown ups are...it's sad people need to degrade others to make themselves feel better about themselves...grow up!!

  23. linda

    Hey who ever she is an him too I think they do make a nice couple...think about it they all made yall look...lol go jessica an tony

  24. candygirl

    Smoke is the man.All you haters need to get a life. I'm sure they are both old enough to live their own life

  25. Stewartfan

    Hey to all u assholes dissing Tony. I think he made the rite choice fuck u never really c a girl with him that often shit that girl ain't half bad looking I do say so myself. I think all of u haters on here that like fagget ass Jimmie can suck it. Tony is an awesome driver he might have his bad days but he makes them all up at the end by winning. I think he should have kids with this girl and marry her forever shit don't wanta be single forever that sucks finding a girl to be with is a hell of alot better that not finding one at all. Like Dale Jr. do u c a girl with him no! I mean yeah sometimes u have to grab ur balls and ask a girl out shit Tony find him somebody to care for and stuff I'm happy for him :) I hope they stay together forever there both drivers so them must have alot in common somehow and maybe that's what Tony likes in a girl he does need hated comments bout it.

  26. RacerGirl14

    Why does everyone have to be so negative?!?! If you don't like how the girl looks keep it to yourself. I'm sure there are people out there that could say the same thing about every single one of us.

    Bottom line is none of us really know Stewart or Zemken so we really have no business saying what type of person either one is. They've been together awhile now and if they're happy then everyone should be happy for them.

    Stop the negative comments, no one benefits from them and they do nothing positive for this world!

  27. Star

    She us way ugly and a fatty fat fat. He can do way better than that

  28. tina

    I think she is not to ugly and not to pretty. she is average. is she hot enough for TONY??? heck no . but then again i don't think anyone is pretty enough for him. he is the hottest man alive and he deserves a beauty. and she is not that at all. oh well maybe they will get married and have little tony's. I HOPE TO HECK NOT. IF THEY LOOKED LIKE HER IT WOULD BE SAD..... IF THEY LOOKED LIKE HIM THEY WOULD BE SEXY, HANDSOME. AND SMART. OH WELL LETS ALL HOPE HE DON'T GET MARRIED. WE HAD ALOT OF FUN WITH SOME OF THE DRIVERS IN CHARLOTTE IN 2007. LOL LOVE YA TONY!!!

  29. scout

    Tony is just going thru middle age crisis- he is still the best in my eyes- he will get it together eventually.

  30. Lynn

    Tony needs to settle down and have some baby smokes. Hell of a driver and needs to start whipping some ass.

  31. 14FanInOK

    Here's why she's perfect for him...1. She's not a stunningly beautiful creature. Thus, while he's away no one will be hitting on her. 2. She too has to be away racing at times so he's free to be be with the really gorgeous, DD ;-) girls he craves. 3. She's so young & in awe of him she is probably thinking it will all have a fairytale ending. 4. He's a older & experienced enough to keep her clueless & make sure she stays that way. Lol! Sorry but to all you hoplesss romantics I've been around him due to my career. I'm now a 40 yr old, 5'9 135 lb blonde, w/ green eyes, I've witnessed him work his "magic" with women. So unless this girl has some wickedly naughty girl skills ;-) ..he will move on to greener pastures. He's not married & very upfront with his lady "friends" he's not going to be for quite awhile...

  32. debi

    Is Tony happy? If the answer is yes, then mind your own damn business. She is a cute girl who is someone's daughter, granddaughter, sister etc. She has feelins and so does her family. Grow up and wish them happiness.

  33. Brad

    Look for all of you that are dissing Jessica saying that she is fat. I bet if you have ever been around her you would not be saying that. I know Jessica and she is not fat or ugly. She is a good looking young lady. So i think that you should keep all the comments to yourself.

  34. Chrissy

    Are Tony and Jessica still dating? We never see her at the track with him. Either they are no longer togeather, or her schedule (racing and school) and of course, Tony's, keeps them apart. In my opinion, I just want to see Tony happy. And if Jessica is the one for him, then so be it. Age does not matter when it comes to true love. And it's always been said...if a relationship begins with a friendship, and then becomes a relationship, it will last.

  35. 1439

    Jessica and Tony both raced sprint cars at the Ohsweken Speedway in Ontario last night. During an on-track interview during intermission Tony was asked if Jessica gave him any advice on the track. (which she has raced many times, his first time) He said something to effect of no she's competitive and that's one of the things I love about her. The ladies in the crowd Awwwwwed.

    P.S. Tony came in third, started 15 in the 25 lap race. Jessica finished further back.

  36. Sammy

    I was at an All Star Circuit of Champions Race at Attica Raceway Park in Ohio on 9/3/11, I talked to her in the pits and she said Tony and her seeing each other. She said it, who do you believe?

  37. grumpiestoldman

    Wow, he breaks up with her on national tv today, caller her 'dead weight". What a jerk....I mean fat jerk.

  38. Chuck

    Thinking this was his "dead weight"!

  39. GrannyD

    To be frank about it, What was tony thinkingggggggggggg? He deserves much better than that. He can do much better than that. Open your eyes Tony. It's time to settle down and have a family so don't look in a cradle for a responsible woman.

  40. jimmy

    dead weight can mean people at the shop. never said her

  41. Emily Mohring

    Hey, you better watch your mouth about what you all say about Jessica! She's my Aunt and Uncles (John and Wendy Brush) Driver for Corr/Pak Merchandising. I could tell them this, and everyone could get in some serious trouble. So just saying, WATCH IT!

  42. NCGal

    Do I think Tony can do better?...I definitely have a personal opinion, but really...does it matter what I think? As long as he's happy, he can date Mickey Mouse. People are always going to have something to say. Dario Franchitti is married to Ashley Judd, who is absolutely gorgeous, yet look at the haters she has. Women (and some men) need to stop being so catty towards one other. Besides, life is too short to worry about what other people think. (RIP Dan Wheldon).

  43. Jr_14b

    All you jerks need to get a life and look at your selfs i bet that everyone of you loosers that are saying negative comments if you went to Tony or Jessica one of them might look at you and say look in the mirror you faget.So if you dont anything nice to say then dont say it at all.

    P.s. Whats up smoke hope you win the championship go Tony

  44. Rosey

    She is UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    To Say She Is Top Heavy Is An Understatement....

  46. G bruner

    She is disgusting looking just like Tony!!! What the hell does all these women see in him!! Get in shape and start taking care of yourself, before it's to late!!!!!

  47. boomerang

    I think smoke and Jessica[my nickname for her will be PUFF] should be together if they want. both of you have a great season. remember PETAL TO THE METAL,SUNNEY SIDE UP,AND DIRTY SIDE DOWN. see you in vegas gate e sec et301 row 69 seat27

  48. DizzyGirl88

    They are not a couple --- she is engaged to Stewart Friesen, modified dirt driver. End of story.

  49. tim sells

    hey ,what jealousy,why can't a man be left alone in his personal life .Tony doesn't get in your personal life ,what gives you the right to get in his.He's a human being just like all of us.What he does is none of our business, i love to watch him race.Why don't you race him then talk .I think Tony is a class act.He's so down to earth.He always goes to the places where he came from and talks to everybody that he has enough time to,even late after the races,

  50. tim sells

    I think Jessica is a beautiful person ,why would you say anything negative about her.She never done anything to you and you don't even know her .Why call her name s,so imature

  51. patti

    tony,get a real woman,call me ill make you go ye huh

  52. Jan

    Why do people feel the need to dump on Tony or his ex. I love Tony, and find him totally amazing, doing all the things he does to help people, and for all the right reasons. He certainly is not a media hog by any means. He is a beautiful person inside and out, and am sure the same applies to his Ex. Why does weight always have to be the issue. Get over it people. On my bucket list? To meet Tony before I die. Tony, I live close to the Cali. Speedway. LOL

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