Tony Kanaan's wife Lauren Kanaan

When you win the Indianapolis 500, you know there will be a few things waiting for you - The Borg-Warner Trophy, a tall bottle of milk, and of course, your wife.  After 11 tries before, and a number of close calls and near victories, Tony Kanaan's wife Lauren Kanaan was waiting for him on Victory Lane after Kanaan finally found victory at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

This is honestly a post that should have been done a couple months ago.  Tony and Lauren (formerly Lauren Bohlander) were married on March 8, 2013, which happened to be right about the height of the Harlem Shake's popularity. In a move that many would have tried, but few could have pulled off, Tony and Lauren successfully put together a Harlem Shake video, which I'm frankly shocked to admit, kinda worked. The nuptials were attended by a number of other drivers including Ryan Hunter-Reay, Helio Castroneves, and Gil de Ferran. Four days into their wedding, however, Tony was back to work, participating in an Open Test on March 12 in Alabama.

Lauren Kanaan is billed as a host, reporter and actress with a lengthy work history in television across various capacities. Her resume includes a significant amount TV hosting and sideline reporting work in mainly basketball and racing worlds. Her personal website lists a few projects where she worked as an actress on either commercials or TV shows.

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5 Responses to “Tony Kanaan's wife Lauren Kanaan”

  1. Carol bishop

    So fun to watch the post race festivities -so excited for you and tk - he's been a fav to so many for so long! Congrats!

  2. Jon

    She is gorgeous - has a real GND quality to her. To me Tony's more impressive accomplishment is Marrying her - not Winning Indy

  3. Juan Pierre

    Lets stop to talk about his wife! What about his ex wife? OMG!!!!! She rockssssssss ! Is she single?

  4. John Godwin

    Just curious. I was reading some posts about Tony and noticed that you are a Bohlander. Enjoyed the Harlem Shake too. I went to school in Milton, IN and knew Jerry and Jack Bohlander. Jack was our neighbor at one time. Are you any relation to them? We watch Tony on TV now and wish him well for every race. Would love to come back to Indiana and see him in the 500 sometime before we get to old...lol...almost there now. We moved to Alabama a few years ago for a warmer climate. Thank you for this opportunity to inquire about my curiosity.

  5. Bradlee TheDawg

    Who is the putz who actually thinks Lauren Bohlander is going to answer him on a website she has probably never seen and wouldn't approve of even if she had. Oh yeah - Lauren needs a new pen pal - NOT.