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Ryan Newman's wife Krissie Newman

Ryan Newman's wife Krissie Newman (formerly Krissie Boyle) has a degree in Criminal Science. She currently spends her time in philanthropic efforts including serving on the board of The Humane Society of Catawba County and as the co founder of the Ryan Newman Foundation. The Ryan Newman Foundation has three main focuses:
1. To raise awareness of the benefits of having their pets spayed or neutered. (The pair are strongly committed to animals, and have saved five dogs from kill shelters that they care for themselves.)
2. To educate people about the value of nature conservation for the enjoyment of future generations.
3. To raise money for the Rich Vogley Scholarship foundation, which provides scholarships for those interested in auto racing careers. Ryan himself was a recipient of a scholarship from this foundation.

Ryan Newman and future wife Krissie Newman were set up on a blind date by Krissie's grandmother and a friend from her church. The two began dating in 2001, and were married January 3, 2004.

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  1. CuriousGeorge

    Any reason you have a photo of Jimmy Johnson and his wife mixed in here?

  2. thinds

    Well, mainly because I'm an idiot.
    Thanks for the catch. Fixed now.


  3. Joan Brown

    Hi Krissie, My name is Joanie Brown. I work at dawsons On Main in Speedway, Indiana and I am also a independent animal rescuer. I have been rescueing our towns lost animals and have been re homeing/fostering and even adopting them myself. Our town puts so much money into everything but the animals care and sheltering. I am trying to put a end to this kind of treatment and care. I have asked the town to allow me to fund raise to get our town a new shelter built and extend the holding stay period from 5 days "which is the lowest in the state" :-( next to ANIMAL CARE CONTROL who only holds for 24 hrs. (they will tell you different though" to 10 days so i can have longer to help them. I have placed animals all over the U.S. and will never stop their fight to "JUST LIVE" a normal dogs life. They have UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED me !!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY !!! Sorry, I get so happy over this !!! I am holding a fund raiser lunch and dinner with a silent auction at the resterant and was wondering if you and ryan can help me and the lost animals with funds or something for or silent auction??? I have recieved many things from IRL DRIVERS, IMS 500, LOCALS, But nothing from nascar drivers at all and we here in speedway love all the races and all drivers. I have called stewart/haus raceing but they told me i probley could not get anything because of a letter i would need to write and then another 6 weeks for a respons. This is for the animals and when this began i was pushed away and put off for many months so when they just recently said yes, i felt the need to jump before they changed their minds so this is why it is such a rush deal. Our so called shelter is 10 by 12 feet so light source and cage agressive pins and eat, sleep, and "potty" all in same area and are poor kitties are held in transporter carriers and held with in just feet of the pups and just got a used heating and air unit 2 tears ago that they got from a old motel they tore down, but this is still unexceptable for this hut i like to call it. This outrages me beyond belief. I am getting no help from the town itself so thats why me and the animals are begging eveyone for help. My fosters are full in every state, my house is full and i am the only one working out of 3 people on a part time job and im so very tired and i need help doing this.I cant do it alone and not many are helping my family yes are and some neighbors of mine try to help me "but their houses are full to "go figure". I dont want to make problems for me or my neighbors with the town council so thats why i have being doing this in ways the town dose not get in trouble and my animal rescuing friends have been kind and quite for me do to this nature of being my hometown and being the home of the Indianapolis Moter Speedway 500. So if there is anything at all even a small food dation would be great just simply because it would save me some money and save me some time from haveing to plead from people which is timely and takes away from my networking the animals. Thank You for you time ~Joanie~ http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?fbid=382523741813525&set=a.263632100369357.62800.100001677070040&type=1&theater

  4. Price

    Rich Vogler is the name of the departed racing legend.