Michael Schumacher’s wife Corinna Schumacher


  1. JoAnne Holliday

    Corina I pray for you family everyday. Ie you have time could you updateme on michaels condition at my email Aaddress it would be much appreciated. Tell me how your family is doing also. I had a stroke in 2007 and believe me i know how hard it is to come back ffrom a head injury. If you are interested in hearing about my stroke and head injury let me knoe.

    Is there an address to send you a card send the address to my email also

    prayers going up

    Love JoAnne

  2. Dr Hazlan

    Dear Corrina,

    Pls dont publish my word,do contact me personnal as above e-mail…give to poor people and pray for shumacher,I want shumacher to be in heaven…

  3. Victor

    Dear Corina,
    amaizing news that Michael is now back from coma! I know that reabilitation is really difficult process, but I’m sure that Michael will manage this challenge!.
    I’ve just returned from Philippines and if you are interested – I can provide you details re Philippines healers. They really doing unbelievable stuff (personally I didn’t trust before I saw it by myselves). I spoke with healer re reabilitation and got feedback that they can also help in this process. After 1.5 week of healing in Philippines I understood that current level of medicine and scince is “nothing” compared to what I’ve seen, because you can get full 100% diagnostic from healer just in few seconds.

  4. happy

    Dear corrina, im so glad that i can contact you, i sent a letter before also on facebook but nobody cared or read me as i guess and somehow iam here, and if you are really there and reading me, it would be really nice ! i know dear micheal needs lots of love and care like the way you have given him always, this is the key factor of his treatment. And only the rest role medicine can do ! Dear corrina, im very much happy that you are very determined and optimistic and this is the sign of a victory ! There is my heartiest wish for him to recover really soon, there are health recovery methods, you need to search an indian breed cow`s purified butter and put its drops in his nose holes and if you use old purified butter, it would be more effective in treatment, this will open thick blood clots in brain and blood circulation would be normal, and may be you also know the reason of his illness are those blood clots, and the time those clots wouls be removed, he will be alright,like before ! This process helps very much faster than medicine, because medicine has side effect and nature is a great doctor in itself, may be doctors around him are wiser but nature is god. This is the miraculous science of thousands years old, if you could follow it, this would be really helpful, and it has no side effect and no relation with his medicine, this process is like eating everydays meal. Im so much in hope that you must do it for him, im a great well wisher and been with him in all his victories, dont try it, u must do it, we want him back, pretty soon…. And dear i dont want anything in return, im just a broken hearted, cant see a victor on bed like this, all i want is his good health….. With love and hugs for him !

  5. Alan

    Please research a TV program (carte blanch) viewed in South Africa on sunday night 18th Jan 2015.
    They discuss the side effects of a sleeping pill”Zolpidium” brand name “stilnox”
    The pill has become known as the Lazarus pill and apparently has amazing positive effects only on brain injury,there are scientic studies by doctors who have witnessed the dramatic improvements on brain injured patients.The pill was intended as a sleeping pill,but has amazing effects on injured brain tissue(this an unknown side effect)
    Maybe worth a try.
    All the best,Alan.

  6. Md.ali

    Dear Corrina,

    If have tried several times to contact you, your family and Secretary. But couldn’t contact. I have to inform you valuable suggestions for speedy recovery of Mr. Michel Schumacher’s present condition. Surely you can expect unexpected speedy recovery. I hope that you will contact me at the earliest.

  7. Nik

    Dear Corrina,

    I’m one of Schumi fan, just want to suggest you to try Zam-Zam water for Schumi health and recovery (Please refer to Dr.Knut Pfeiffer one of the Dr from Germany who make a lot of research on Zam-Zam water. Try to get the pure Zam-zam water from Mecca, Saudi Arabia becoz now a lot of fake. Anyway all of this belong to Allah Almighty may Schumi get speedy recovery and the true of life discover with his beloved family.

  8. hari warrier

    Hi. God’s blessings be with you all. Please consider the healing modality of Pranic Healing for Mr Schumacher. There is a good probability of almost complete recovery. Thank you. If you like we can locate a healer in your part of the world, or we can do it too, my wife and I. It is not very expensive. We are NOT looking for money or fame, it is a service to humanity. Atma namaste.

  9. Ian

    I don’t want to give false hope, however, having read upsetting articles about the circumstances I can’t not at least send a message (even though for personal reasons I find it difficult). In recent times it has been found that IF parts of a traumatised brain are potentially recoverable then a particular regime of hyperbaric oxygen therapy may help. Occasionally areas of the brain are believed to be dead when they are in fact recoverable to some degree, please refer to recent research undertaken in Tel Aviv by a Shai Efrati, MD – I have included a link below but there are numerous links available online. That said, there only appears to be a handful of doctors in the world with enough experience in initially determining whether this form of treatment (with the aid of a SPECT scan) would help with brain trauma, and, a word of caution here, there are some instances when this form of treatment won’t work and the reason I wouldn’t want anyone reading to jump to conclusions that it’s a miracle cure for all! (it didn’t help my dad although we regret not having the opportunity to have a SPECT scan investigation first to determine whether it could, and, being older than all those who were included in the research undertaken in Tel Aviv may also have been a factor). So, from my experience, there may be little point undertaking hyperbaric treatments if doctors experienced in this form of therapy don’t believe there is the necessary potential. Try not to include medical practitioners without hyperbaric oxygen experience in the decision making with this though as its outwith mainstream medicine. I must also include here that when undertaken by experienced, qualified and competent people in a proper facility it’s perfectly safe from what I experienced, however, it can be dangerous otherwise!!


    Oxygen chamber can boost brain repair
    Hyperbaric treatment revitalizes neurons in damaged brains, Israeli researchers find.
    View on http://www.israel21c.org

    I’m sure there are other doctors (not many) with relevant experience in using hyperbaric oxygen for brain trauma, however, the two I just happen to be aware of are Shai Efrati MD (Israel) and Dr Steenblock (USA).

    I can only hope you find some help as I know how terrible this kind of suffering can be.

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