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Michael Schumacher, one of F1's greatest all-time drivers, is currently in critical condition following a skiing accident in the French Alps. Michael Schumacher's wife Corinna Schumacher (nee Corinna Betsch), is currently by his hospital bed while he battles for his life. Early reports indicate that Schumacher was skiing outside a marked trail, and fell, striking his head on a rock. Despite Schumacher wearing a helmet, immediate attendance by ski patrol, and a hospital airlift within 15 minutes, he has still fallen into a coma suffering brain injury.

Michael and Corinna were married in August, 1995. The couple has two children; Gina-Marie born in 1997 and Mick born in 1999. The entire family lives in Switzerland on a 7,000 square foot mansion with their two dogs. Michael originally met Corinna in 1990, while she was dating one of his teammates, Heinz Harald Frentzen. Once they broke up, Michael went in for the kill, and he and Corinna have been together since.

Schumacher is widely renowned as a family man. Other drivers on the tour are quick to point out how respectful he is of his wife, often crediting her for his inspiration, focus and youth. In response to a question asking his secret to staying young, Schumacher told F ormula 1 Magazine there is no secret:

No, only the good care from my wife Corinna. She keeps me young and fit.

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  1. JoAnne Holliday

    Corina I pray for you family everyday. Ie you have time could you updateme on michaels condition at my email Aaddress it would be much appreciated. Tell me how your family is doing also. I had a stroke in 2007 and believe me i know how hard it is to come back ffrom a head injury. If you are interested in hearing about my stroke and head injury let me knoe.

    Is there an address to send you a card send the address to my email also

    prayers going up

    Love JoAnne

  2. Dr Hazlan

    Dear Corrina,

    Pls dont publish my word,do contact me personnal as above e-mail...give to poor people and pray for shumacher,I want shumacher to be in heaven...

  3. Victor

    Dear Corina,
    amaizing news that Michael is now back from coma! I know that reabilitation is really difficult process, but I'm sure that Michael will manage this challenge!.
    I've just returned from Philippines and if you are interested - I can provide you details re Philippines healers. They really doing unbelievable stuff (personally I didn't trust before I saw it by myselves). I spoke with healer re reabilitation and got feedback that they can also help in this process. After 1.5 week of healing in Philippines I understood that current level of medicine and scince is "nothing" compared to what I've seen, because you can get full 100% diagnostic from healer just in few seconds.

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