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Matt Kenseth's wife Katie Kenseth



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UPDATE: 10/25/2011: On September 26th Katie Kenseth was practicing racing a car for charity when she was involved in a scary accident. In the crash Katie Kenseth broke her shoulder blade. She was racing a Bandolero car which is pretty much a go cart with a body around it. They can reach about 50 miles per hour at the max. Katie did not have a lot of time to slam on the brakes due to the nature of the crash. She is ok now and healing rapidly. The practice laps were for the Better Half Dash which was on Oct 15th at the Bank of America 500 Sprint Cup race.

Matt Kenseth and his wife Katie Kenseth are married and have two daughters named Kaylin Nicola Kenseth and Grace Katherine Kenseth.
Katie Martin grew up on a farm in the same hometown as Matt in Cambridge, WI. Though Katie was much younger than Matt, she admits to having a crush on him from a young age. The two didn't get together until reacquainting at the wedding of a mutual friend. Matt and Katie eventually married in 2000. In advance of their second child being born in February, 2011, Roush Fenway racing has hired a stable of backup drivers to be on hand at upcoming races in the event that Katie goes into labor.

Unlike many drivers, Matt and Katie do not have their own charitable foundation. Because of that, they freely and frequently participate in many charitable events for the foundations of other drivers.

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  1. amy kamin wasicak

    hey girl! long time no see! how have you been? do you remember me from xray school? i was just remembering when you fell out of the golf cart lol! email me sometime, i'd like to catch up!

  2. Bruce Hamm

    I am a firefighter from Newport,Delaware and my girlfriend is a School Teacher for High School. We are involved in a organization called http://www.PearceQFoundation.org, this is for a 15yo young lady who has been through pure H*** and since her recovering she has been fighting for raising money for Kids with Cancer, all done on her own will to start this foundation. We will be having a huge Cancer awareness for kids in September 2013 and I have many questions to ask you regarding purchasing or donated signed items. I am a huge fan of Matt and have followed him for years. I am 40 next week....omg...lol Please email me back so I can explain further and check out the website for Validity. Years ago when I was a Rusty Wallace Fan, he helped me and I was wondering if you could too. Thank you so much and god bless. My email is listed bhj1972@yahoo.com

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