Matt Kenseth’s wife Katie Kenseth


  1. amy kamin wasicak

    hey girl! long time no see! how have you been? do you remember me from xray school? i was just remembering when you fell out of the golf cart lol! email me sometime, i’d like to catch up!

  2. Bruce Hamm

    I am a firefighter from Newport,Delaware and my girlfriend is a School Teacher for High School. We are involved in a organization called, this is for a 15yo young lady who has been through pure H*** and since her recovering she has been fighting for raising money for Kids with Cancer, all done on her own will to start this foundation. We will be having a huge Cancer awareness for kids in September 2013 and I have many questions to ask you regarding purchasing or donated signed items. I am a huge fan of Matt and have followed him for years. I am 40 next week….omg…lol Please email me back so I can explain further and check out the website for Validity. Years ago when I was a Rusty Wallace Fan, he helped me and I was wondering if you could too. Thank you so much and god bless. My email is listed

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