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Martin Truex Jr's girlfriend Sherry Pollex

There are a lot of people out there who equate the people who work and follow NASCAR as, how do I put this delicately, not the brightest bulbs on the tree. I'm here to put this myth to rest, at least when it comes to the NASCAR drivers. Have you seen all the wives and girlfriends we have posted on this site for NASCAR drivers? If you have then you would know the drivers are smart enough to grab some incredibly hot women.

Take a look at Martin Truex Jr.'s girlfriend Sherry Pollex. We might have to do a top 10 NASCAR wife segment on the site here. I bet the top 5 ladies of NASCAR could hold their own against the top 5 of any sport. Don't think for a moment that these girls are all looks and no brains either. While Sherry had an in with the NASCAR circuit (her dad Greg Pollex owns PPC Racing), this Michigan native quickly proved she had what it takes to work in NASCAR all nepotism jokes aside. After getting her degree in Sports Marketing from Florida State University Sherry scored a job working as a public relations representative that worked with NASCAR. It was during this time that Sherry met Martin Truex Jr. Eventually Sherry would quit her job to travel with Martin.

While some women would have been happy traveling with their boyfriend/husband and not working Sherry had bigger plans. The Lavendar Boutique was started by Sherry in North Carolina focusing on designer denim. Despite running a shop that works mostly with women she has been known to help out some of the drivers on the NASCAR circuit, including Dale Earnhardt Jr. Sherry also is on the executive board of Martin's foundation. You want to know how popular some NASCAR significant others can be, take a look at their twitter account. @SherryPollex has over 21K followers (and the woman is verified). She is so popular that when Sherry posts it can make headlines in the NASCAR world. Take for example when she went after Joey Logano who she thought spun her boyfriend out at the 2012 NASCAR race in Sonoma, CA. “Sad for MT,” Pollex wrote. “He got a flat on the last lap because Joey Lagano is an idiot.” Of course the post was later removed but I think Sherry made her point.

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6 Responses to “Martin Truex Jr's girlfriend Sherry Pollex”

  1. william tussey

    i am a huge fan of martin truex j.r. comming from the same state as he does, i believe he will get some wins in real soon, keep on thinking positive martin u have a special lady by your side

  2. william tussey

    i know u can keep him positive i understand finishing 2nd is not winning but we are getting there, time & patience keep up the good work sherry

  3. amazed

    She and her future little brother in law the little brat should keep their twitter posts to themselves, as I am sure Sherry has never ran a Sprint Cup race and Martin's little brother isn't exactly shaking things up. Wives and girlfriends should shutup, that's like going public with your husband or boyfriends problems at work. Classless. And I am a women.

  4. amazed


  5. Erin D

    I am a dedicated Carl Edwards fan but I do think Martin Truex, Jr is the absolute best looking guy in NASCAR! I love your comments about the NASCAR Ladies, they are classy ladies in a classy sport that isn't plagued with controversies of drugs, illegitimate children, domestic abuse, dog-fighting etc. etc. I'm proud to be a NASCAR fan and enjoy going to the races for a safe, fun and exciting afternoon!

  6. yvonne mack.

    My prayers and thoughts are with you,Iam a getting on for 70years but I am a great fan of Martin I was so happy he won last time I was thinking I would be dead and five feet under, I think you are both a wonderful couple and wish all goes well for you.