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Mark Martin's wife Arlene Martin

Mark Martin's wife Arlene Martin grew up near Gainesville, Florida, in a town called Alachua. The two were set up on a blind date by Mark's sister Glinda. The former Arlene Everett has admitted that she was not interested in a relationship with Mark who was six years younger, without children and pursued racing cars for a living.

Despite Arlene's initial disinterest, she and Mark began dating and were married October 27, 1984. Arlene was previously married at the age of 19 to a 28 year old man. Together they had four children and divorced before Arlene turned 30. Mark and Arlene have one biological child together.

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4 Responses to “Mark Martin's wife Arlene Martin”

  1. Amy Belier

    I love Mark Martin because I respect him as a driver and a family man. I am a new Nascar fan and have noticed that Mark is so cute with his wife when she is able to attend races. This is one of the main reasons why I adore this couple together. I am 33 years old and I believe that behind every good man is an amazing woman. If Mark's wife Arlene ever sees this, please know that I would love to work for the Martin family in any capacity. I am high school English teacher who loves the excitement of Nascar and everything Mark Martin stands for! Go Mark!!! Obviously, such a kind hearted man has to be with a fantastic woman. Best wishes! Amy Belier

  2. Local Insider

    For the record, this article, and most of them I've seen on the internet, fails to mention that Arlene was actually married twice before Mark, and that 3 of her daughters are by the first husband, and 1 daughter is by the second. If she is deliberately providing misleading information in these interviews, SHAME ON HER.

  3. Christopher

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  4. garry & ruby

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